Friday Focus 07/10/2022 – Shows

I’ve been enjoying getting back into rehearsing for shows again over the last couple of weeks. We had our show anniversary concert at the end of September and it was lovely to have Sophie taking part in that too with other children from the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades. Since then pre-audition rehearsals have started for The Drowsy Chaperone and I’m also back to rehearsing the music hall show I did in May as we’ll be doing it all over again for a one-off show in November.


The word 'shows' drawn on a stage background



Our Wednesday rehearsals for The Drowsy Chaperone are in the studio at a local theatre. This week a group that I used to perform with was doing a show there on the same night and it was really lovely to catch up with some of my friends afterwards.


Although show rehearsals are keeping me busy in the evenings, life is not quite as hectic as it was last month. I’ve been playing catch-up with things after the church anniversary weekend, but I’m finally feeling back on top of the to-do list again which is a relief.



What I’ve been grateful for over the past couple of weeks:


Thomas with my mum; a cake shaped like my church; me performing in the anniversary concert; my mum at Jessica's forever bed; chocolate crunch cake cooling on a wire rack; the Drowsy Chaperone audition pack and CD; a half-empty cup of coffee - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 39"


  • Day 266 – I am grateful for an extra pair of hands helping me with Sophie and Thomas with my mum coming to stay for the weekend.


  • Day 267 – I am grateful that today’s church anniversary celebrations went well. So lovely to see so many people in the church taking part in the anniversary events.


  • Day 268 – I am grateful that everything came together for the church anniversary weekend and it all went well.


  • Day 269 – I am grateful for some quiet time with Jessica before my mum went home.


  • Day 270 – I am grateful for a quick and easy traybake recipe after nearly forgetting that Thomas needs to take in cake tomorrow for a school cake sale.


  • Day 271 – I am grateful to be starting rehearsals for a musical again. Looking forward to doing this one.


  • Day 272 – I am grateful for the opportunity to meet up with other stand-alone HR professionals and share knowledge over a coffee.



Sophie holding her certificate and medal for her tap exam; Sophie standing next to a log decorated with bits of bark to represent a fairy village; Thomas eating an apple freshly picked from the tree; Sophie wearing her new woolly hat; music for "Daisy Bell"; me with an am-dram friend; polka dot tights and slippers - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 40"


  • Day 273 – I am grateful that Sophie received her primary tap certificate and award today. So proud of her for passing with distinction and scoring 92 in her exam.


  • Day 274 – I am grateful for imaginative outdoor play.


  • Day 275 – I am grateful for apples picked from Grandma and Grandad’s apple trees.


  • Day 276 – I am grateful to have finished making Sophie’s hat.


  • Day 277 – I am grateful to be back rehearsing music hall numbers. Looking forward to doing it all again next month!


  • Day 278 – I am grateful for getting to see some of my am-dram friends that I haven’t seen in ages.


  • Day 279 – I am grateful for funky Snag Tights – especially when they coordinate so beautifully with my new slippers!



Other things that have made me smile over the past couple of weeks:

  • The beautiful flowers I was given as a thank you for playing the piano for our concert rehearsals.


Pink, red and white flowers in a vase


  • A video and pizza night watching the music hall video with the other cast members.


  • Sophie wanting to help mop the floor after a coffee morning at church (perhaps I should get her to do the same at home!)


Sophie mopping the floor at church


  • Going out for dinner with work colleagues.


  • Going to Thomas’s school harvest festival and singing ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’ which I remember singing at harvest festivals when I was at school!


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 07/10/2022 – Shows

  1. I wish I could bring myself to actually go out in the evenings! I find it so hard. Parking spots are hard to get, it’s cold and dark and I just love being home. Perhaps I’m lazy. Take care and enjoy your rehearsals.

  2. It sounds like you are busy with the shows. It sounds like you are having fun with the rehearsals, seeing friends.
    I am glad that the church anniversary celebrations went well. Lovely photos. x

  3. I don’t envy how busy you are but I do envy that you are taking part in shows. I haven’t done that in over 20 years now but they were also very special times. (I couldn’t sing anywhere near as good as you, but it was fun to stand at the back of the choir and just add my voice.)

  4. Sounds like it’s an exciting and busy time with all the shows going on. Well done Sophie in her tap exame. That’s a great score.

  5. I love that you all get so involved with shows. Eliza and Isaac have both just been cast in Shrek the Musical JR, with Isaac getting a main role.Cannot wait to see it

    1. Well done to Eliza and Isaac on being cast in Shrek the Musical Jr. Hope that rehearsals are going well.

  6. I haven’t heard of the show but it sounds fab. My family used to be involved in the Beck Theatre and we used to see all the shows to see them perform. Our school still sings Cauliflowers fluffy but there are more verses than I remember! #project365

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