Friday Focus 06/01/17 – Kindness: my word for the year

This year, I’m hoping to focus on kindness and trying to make my world a better place albeit in a small way. I’ve embarked upon a #365daysofkindness challenge – making a conscious effort to do one small act of kindness every day in 2017. Admittedly I’m only five days in, but I’m enjoying it so far! I’ve also started a new blog series this week called #withkindnessandlove which will be all about sharing some stories about being on the receiving end of an act of kindness and sharing blog posts, Instagram photos and other things I’ve loved that week. I’d love to share some kindness stories from other bloggers too so if you have a story you’d like me to share then please do let me know!

Kindness - my word for 2017

It’s also been a week where I’ve needed to be kind to myself too. The January blues have me hit hard and it’s made for a very tough week. I’ve had to remind myself that it’s ok to have an off day, and to take a little time out to refocus where I can. I’m hoping that next week will be a much better week on that front!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Seeing Jessica and Sophie giggling together while spinning around on an office chair.
  • A sunny afternoon geocaching with my girls before Jessica went back to school.

Jessica and Sophie with a geocache

  • Watching the girls getting creative with playdough.
  • Managing to find a Sophy’s Rose to replace the one I planted a couple of years ago – fingers crossed this one will thrive!
  • Restarting my daily gratitude challenge and seeing some of my friends joining in too.


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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 06/01/17 – Kindness: my word for the year

  1. The perfect word for the year. I think small acts of kindness are even more important at the moment as the world just seems to be going a big crazy, little things really do matter.

  2. A wonderful WotW and something to focus on this year. I do think it’s often easy to overlook being kind to ourselves, I am glad you’ve managed to pull that back this week and I hope next week is a better one for you. Look forward to hearing more about your challenge this year x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you Helena – thankfully the blues have been kept at bay a little more this week!

  3. I think that’s a lovely idea, and it’s true, we do forget to be kind to ourselves. I did read your four in the bed post and it made me LOL! mainly because it still happens in our house, although on weekend mornings rather than in the night and yes it’s me that ends up being booted out of my own bed!

    1. Thank you Karen – being kind to ourselves is hard sometimes. So glad you enjoyed my four in the bed post too 🙂

  4. Ah such a lovely aim Louise, kindness is such an easy gift to give and one some people don’t give often which is so sad, sometimes is something as little as a reassuring smile to someone having a bad day, its so easy isn’t it. I try to surround myself with kind people as life is to short for any other kind. Have a fab new year xx

    1. Thank you so much Sarah – those little moments do make such a difference, don’t they? Hope you have a fab new year too 🙂

  5. January can be a little tough to get thru and I love the idea of your gratitude journal.
    I think your aim for 2017 is a lovely one & that you’re included yourself within that.
    Glad you managed to enjoy your week in the end. We haven’t taken the children out Geocaching properly yet, it’s something I want the OH to do but he’s not keen. I need to encourage him again!!
    Hope you have a good week coming.
    Take care, Louise, and Happy New Year

    1. Thanks Tracey – this week has been a better one and taking the time to look after myself has helped too. Hope you can manage to persuade DadTired to go geocaching – am sure the little Shires would love it. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  6. What a wonderful word for the year, I can’t wait to hear about all the acts of kindness. It looks like the girls had lots of fun geocaching! We will have to give that a try with Boo. I am so glad you are carrying on with the daily gratitude shares, they are so lovely!

    1. Thank you Jenni – I am sure Boo would love geocaching – the girls love it when we do find one although can get a bit bored if they are difficult to find 🙂

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