Friday Focus 06/10/2023 – Tetris

My mind feels like an unending game of Tetris is going on inside it at the moment. As soon as one thing slots into place on the mental to-do list, another thing appears that I need to try and make headspace for. Too much juggling going on, and it feels like a battle to keep up with it all. I know it will settle down again and feel manageable again at some point, but right now it all feels a bit much.


The word 'Tetris' doodled as a series of Tetris blocks


I’m still in the process of decluttering ahead of moving Thomas into his new room next month. There’s a lot of stuff to sort out and try to find homes for elsewhere. Another game of Tetris – trying to work out what will go where and how best to move things around. Moving things around in my diary trying to make time to focus on sorting things out.


Sophie has started having tuition sessions to prepare her for the 11+ next year. There’s quite a bit of extra homework that comes with this. It’s broken down into manageable chunks throughout the week but it’s another thing to fit in on top of her dancing and theatre activities whilst also making sure that she gets enough down-time from it all as well. We’ve started putting new routines in place to help make this easier for her, but I think it will take a little time before we settle into what will work best.


Show rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz have also ramped up now that we’re just three weeks away from show week. It’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead but hopefully things will then ease off to give us all a breather before the madness of the festive season begins!




What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie at Costa; roast pork and vegetables on a plate; Sophie riding a pink Trunki down a hill; a dragonfly necklace; Thomas wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a turtle on the front; my new tap shoes; my desk showing a minute book, a computer keyboard and the bottom of a computer screen - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 40"


  • Day 272 – I am grateful for being able to treat Sophie at Costa while waiting for Thomas to finish Boys’ Brigade.


  • Day 273 – I am grateful for a lovely evening at the Land’s End – John o’ Groats Association 40th anniversary gala dinner.


  • Day 274 – I am grateful for the joy of getting to ride a Trunki down a hill.


  • Day 275 – I am grateful for the pretty necklace my husband brought back for me from his trip away.


  • Day 276 – I am grateful for all the funny moments with this little boy of mine.


  • Day 277 – I am grateful for new tap shoes.


  • Day 278 – I am grateful for meetings finishing on time!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Hubby being back home again.


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun at their friend’s birthday party.


A smiley Sophie eating pizza at her friend's birthday party


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13 thoughts on “Friday Focus 06/10/2023 – Tetris

  1. That is a great word to describe what’s going on in your head! I hope things all slot into place soon.
    It sounds like you have made a good start on sorting Thomas’s new room and good luck to Sophie with her tuition.
    The photo of Sophie riding her Trunki did make me chuckle, it looks like great fun and your new tap shoes are fabulous! x

  2. There’s a lot going on and we Moms do so well to just cope. Like you say, it will take time to settle down so we just go with the flow. Good luck to Sophie on her regular lessons and the extra tuition too. I hope Thomas settles well into his new room when it is all setup.

    1. Thank you, there’s certainly been a lot of juggling things lately – all part and parcel of mum life!

  3. I adore that photo of Sophie at the party! I think Tetris is a great word, not only because I love the game but because life does feel like that sometimes, one thing slots into place and then you have to fit in the next. Good luck with the rehearsals and Thomas’ new bedroom.

    1. Thanks Anne – thankfully things seem to be slotting into place a little more easily this week.

  4. So much going on. Everyone seems to do 11+ differently. One person I know just let their kids get on with it themselves, a couple taught their own children. Others had tuition through school. My bestfriend did tuition for his son this year. It’s always exciting to get new dance shoes.

    1. Most people I know around my area whose kids have done 11+ have gone down the tuition route so it seemed like a good approach to take. The new tap shoes are lovely – I’m really pleased with them.

  5. Oh I can relate to that feeling of tetris! Great way to describe it! Love that necklace, so pretty.
    Good luck with the tuition. I got some books for Bee to work on the 11+ at home. But then decided we weren’t going to do the test.

  6. I know the feeling with tetris. I have isaac in yr 11 now and there is so much organisation, extra revision lessons and homework and then I have to fit Seb and Eliza in too. I bet Thomas is excited for a new room

  7. My head feels like this all the time. I think it feels worse since the COVID shutdown. Not sure why, perhaps it is because I’m getting older. I hope Sophie does well in her 11+. We aren’t going to let Little E sit it but I remember us all taking it when I was younger. I love your new necklace #WotW

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