Friday Focus 05/07/2024 – Participating

It’s been a busy week with me, Sophie and Thomas participating in various things. Last Friday, we had the dress rehearsal for the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade display. It’s Thomas’s first time taking part in this, and will be the first time for me having two children take part. It made me a bit emotional realising this as had Jessica still been here, I would have had watched a few displays now with her and Sophie taking part together and this would have perhaps been my first with the three of them together. However, I’ve been asked to help out and join in with the Seniors and Brigaders for their piece in the display and, as Jessica would have been in the Seniors now, it feels a little like I’m there in her place so in a funny way, it does feel like she’s there too.


The word 'participating' in multicoloured bubble writing


Sophie participated in her group’s production of ‘Five Children and It’ on Sunday. It was a fun show with all the children taking part performing multiple roles and swapping in and out of characters with the help of some costume items and props. Sophie played ‘It’, a hat seller and Robert.


Sophie and I have also been participating in auditions for ‘Wind in the Willows’ and are now in the nervous stage of waiting for the cast list to be announced.


And of course, I’ve participated in the general election, making sure I went out and voted. At the point of writing this, there’s still voting going on, but by the time it’s posted on the blog, the results will be coming in.




What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas and Sophie cuddled up in Thomas's bed; Thomas playing with his number rocks in the tuff tray; the flyer for 'Five Children & It'; Thomas's paper cube calendar set to Mon 1 July; a note on the fridge reading "When Thomas gets home he will play Run Sackboy"; Thomas drawing faces on a wipe-clean board; a polling station sign on a window - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 27"



  • Day 180 – I am grateful that Sophie is such a loving, caring big sister to Thomas. She had the best big sister in Jessica and I see the love, kindness and patience that Jessica showed to her reflected in the way she is with Thomas.


  • Day 181 – I am grateful that the tuff tray still gets plenty of use when playing in the garden.


  • Day 182 – I am grateful for getting to watch Sophie performing in ‘Five Children and It’.


  • Day 183 – I am grateful for Thomas’s excitement at the start of a new month.


  • Day 184 – I am grateful for the funny notes Thomas leaves on the fridge.


  • Day 185 – I am grateful for Thomas’s love of drawing.


  • Day 186 – I am grateful for the right to vote.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s joy at getting to try out her child-friendly chopsticks when we treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway at the weekend.


Sophie eating chicken balls, chow mein and rice using a pair of kids chopsticks


  • Going out for lunch with a couple of friends.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 05/07/2024 – Participating

  1. Sounds like you and your family love the performing arts. Sounds quite busy but also quite fun at the same time. I woke up to the news that we have a new PM! Interesting times indeed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to participate. Hope next week is a good one too!

  2. What a fun week, good luck with getting the parts in the play. I love Thomas’ fridge notes and it looks like Sophie got to grips with her chopsticks!

  3. Ooh good luck with the casting results. Nice to get a chinese takeaway. I miss chinese food as so rarely have it as the OH isn’t a fan.

  4. I hope the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade display went well. How lovely that it feels like you are there in Jessica’s place in the seniors.
    It sounds like you and Sophie are busy taking part in various productions. x

  5. Well done Sophie on all those parts in Five Children and It – Wind in the Willows sounds interesting, our next production is Oliver

  6. Sounds like a good and interesting week with all the participating. Seems like Sophie is handling the chopsticks well – I can’t!

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