Friday Focus 05/07/19 – Bittersweet milestones

This last half-term of Sophie’ s reception year is full of bittersweet moments. All those little milestones that I remember so well with Jessica. Moments that Sophie should be sharing with her big sister; where I am so very conscious of the huge hole in our lives where Jessica should be.


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Sophie had her transition afternoon for Year 1 on Tuesday. She will be in the same class that Jessica was (with a different teacher as sadly Jessica’s teacher is leaving at the end of term). She enjoyed her afternoon and is excited about moving up to Year 1. For me, it brings all sorts of mixed emotions. I’m glad that Sophie is excited and looking forward to the next step on her school adventure; whilst being so very conscious that this was the last step for Jessica and that her time in Year 1 was cut short. It’s that reminder that Sophie is catching up with Jessica and will overtake her at some point. That my baby girl has changed so much from the little sister that Jessica knew and that time will keep bringing those changes while Jessica remains forever six. I look at Sophie and I’m so proud of the little girl she is, but the changes break my heart too.


Sports Day was another emotional one. Memories of Jessica’s one and only school sports day came flooding back. At the start of sports day, a big dragonfly kept circling around the children and parents. The biggest dragonfly I had ever seen. Several of the parents around me commented on how huge this dragonfly was. I couldn’t help but think that my big girl was reminding me that she was still there too. How different it was watching Sophie take part – as enthusiastic as her big sister was but with so much more energy. Jessica needed a little help to do some of the events, but her big smile said it all. Sophie’s smile was every bit as big. She had a wonderful time and was very happy that her team came first.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Watching Sophie performing with her friends in her Girls’ Brigade display.


  • Managing to have a good sort-out of the clutter in the room that will become Sophie and Thomas’s bedroom. Just need to order some new units and finish it off and they will be able to move into it.


  • Trying to bake cookies in the sunshine by making a solar oven with Sophie.


Sophie checking on the cookies in her solar oven


  • Sophie and Thomas wearing matching outfits to church (and for sports day!)


Sophie and Thomas sitting on the floor at church wearing matching orange T-shirts and navy blue shorts


  • Lying out in the garden with Sophie and seeing what pictures we could see in the clouds.


  • Catching up with a friend while enjoying a lovely walk around Black Park.


  • Sophie’s delight at seeing Nanny at pick-up time when my mum came up for an overnight stay.


Sophie cuddling up to Nanny on the sofa


  • Seeing how proud of himself Thomas is when he pulls himself up to stand. He’s really on the move now!


  • Getting a part in The Sound of Music. I’ll be playing Sister Sophia. Sophie is very happy that Mummy will be in the show with her!
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4 thoughts on “Friday Focus 05/07/19 – Bittersweet milestones

  1. Congratulations on getting a part. I bet Sophie is pleased. Your posts are always filled with the big and small milestones. So precious. Sophie’s excitement at school is wonderful, but I can see how these moments can also be poignant as they remind you of Jessica at that stage. I do love seeing dragonflies. We’ve melted smores in a solar ovens made from a pizza box. I hope your cookies baked well. Hope Sophie and Thomas love sharing their new room. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  2. Congratulations on getting a part in the musical. My heart goes out to you for your bittersweet memories, it must be so hard seeing Sophie starting to overtake Jessica, but you have a big heart and I can see that through the pain you are still able to enjoy your little girl becoming bigger. I love the photo of Sophie with her gran, so much love right there. Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  3. Oh gosh! How can Sophie be going into year 1 already. This past year has flown over. It is bound to bring back so many memories of Jessica, especially with Sophie going into the same classroom.
    I am glad you saw the dragonfly. It sounds like Sophie did so well in her sports day. Well done her team!
    Aww! I love Sophie’s and Thomas’s matching outfits. They are so cute together.
    Congrats with the part in The Sound of Music. I do love that musical. Have fun. x

  4. Congratulations on getting the part it’s such great news, I am so sorry you have had a tough week it must be so bittersweet but we’ll dome Sophie, she is growing into such a beautiful little lady. Love the matching outfits too xx

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