Friday Focus 04/08/17 – Waiting for a date

We had our appointment at Southampton this week to discuss Jessica’s next surgery with her surgeon. At the moment we are still waiting for a date for this surgery to take place but are expecting it to take place in the next month or two. The surgeon who will be doing Jessica’s operation was in theatre carrying out an emergency procedure but we did talk to a member of his team who explained more about the operation that Jessica will be having and the concerns relating to her specific anatomy.


Waiting - this week's word of the week


Jessica has taken it all in her stride, as she generally does. She loved having a tour of the ward and making the most of having time in the playroom there. I’ve been asked several times now how many sleeps there are until her big “sleepover” at the hospital. For us as parents, the surgery is a scary but necessary prospect; to Jessica, it is a big adventure. Seeing how well she is coping with it all helps make it a little easier for me to be strong for her.


A smiley Jessica having an echo done



Things I have loved this week:

  • Meeting up with friends from university days and watching our girls having fun together. My friend Zoe is an outdoor children and family photographer and we had a lovely photoshoot while we were catching up. I have only seen a few preview photos so far, but the one below that she took of my girls together is absolutely beautiful.


A photo of Jessica and Sophie cuddling each other
With thanks to Zoe Liddiard Giles Photography


  • Catching up with another two friends and meeting their new baby boy for the first time. It was lovely to see how gentle Jessica was with him and how much she wanted to help – pushing his pram and helping give him a bottle.


  • Hunting for elves and fairies in the woods at Black Park.


Jessica wearing a princess dress, fairy wings and teddy bear ears standing by one of the fairy trail points in Black Park


  • Watching Jessica and Sophie playing with their fairy garden at home.


Sophie playing with the fairy garden at home


  • Home made ice lollies.


  • Doing some science experiments with the girls. They especially enjoyed making a volcano in the garden.


  • An afternoon with friends from Girls’ Brigade and watching the children having fun outside and climbing trees. I have to admit I did get quite twitchy when Jessica climbed up to a branch at my head height and made herself comfy there – thankfully she did manage to get down quite safely!


Jessica climbing a tree


The Reading Residence

15 thoughts on “Friday Focus 04/08/17 – Waiting for a date

  1. It must make it easier with Jessica being so excited about her big adventure, leaving you to do the worrying for her. So pleased she’s looking forward to her sleepover and I do hope you get that date through soon so you can make plans. The glimpse of the photo shoot is adorable, beautiful photo x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. I’m glad she’s excited about it – I don’t want her to be worried or scared if we can avoid it although we are honest with her too x

  2. Children are amazing. So good that she is taking it in her stride. That is all she can do. I’d be like you. Beautiful photo of your two girls. You have a talented friend.#wotw

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl. Loved the photos of my girls – my friend is such a good photographer 🙂

  3. Aww! It is wonderful that Jessica is being so brave and is seeing it as an adventure. Obviously not wonderful that she needs the surgery but it does make things a little easier for you!
    That professional photo of your girls is just beautiful. That’s one for a frame. It sounds like you had a lovely week. Hunting for elves and fairies sounds so exciting x

    1. Thank you Kim. It makes it so much easier for me knowing that she is coping so well with it all. The photo will be going on a canvas I think! 🙂

  4. I think you are all so brave. It must really help that Jessica thinks its a big adventure. I hope you get your date soon so the waiting comes to an end. Love the photos of the girls too. Great dresses too #WotW

  5. The waiting must be awfully frustrating for you but so pleased to hear that Jessica is taking it all in her stride, what a brave little girl. The photo your friend took is absolutely adorable, what a beautiful memory to keep. Hope you have a nice weekend x #WotW

  6. Bless Jessica, what a little star taking it all in her stride like that. You must be so proud of her. That photo of the two of them together is gorgeous.

  7. Louise you are the most inspirational Mum, I love how you take it all in your stride, and I know you will say you have no choice but how you deal with life affecting conditions as a Parents is a choice, I know this and you are blooming amazing lovely lady, and Jessica is a testament to that. I love the photo too the girls are beautiful xxx

  8. Gorgeous photos as usual. It sounds like a busy week again. I’m so glad that Jessica is looking forward to her stay in hospital. It makes it just that little bit easier on the parents when the child is happy about it. xx
    catching up on #wotw

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