Friday Focus 03/03/2023 – Blue

As the Man in the Chair informs the audience in the opening of The Drowsy Chaperone, “I’m feeling a little blue” this week. That’s not surprising really, after the high of show week there is always a period of post-show blues that follows on. It’s also not surprising that grief has bubbled back up to the surface this week as well, given that space for grief has been somewhat pushed aside lately. All feelings that were anticipated and expected this week.


The word 'blue' in various shades of blue


The post-show blues and grief have also been accompanied by a bit more stress with catching up on things that have been a little neglected over the past couple of weeks and dealing with situations that have arisen that need my attention and processing other things that are going on in my life which also demand headspace. It’s not been a great week, if I’m honest, but then again there was always going to be a bit of a crash down to earth after the highs of show week.


There have been nice moments though. It was nice to have a bit of extra time with Sophie and Thomas on Wednesday due to the school strike and I’ve also quite enjoyed making their World Book Day costumes. Thomas absolutely loved his Numberblock Four costume and won best class costume for it. Sophie’s school is doing World Book Day today. Her costume is a very special one. She wanted to take the book I wrote for Jessica to prepare her for her heart surgery and dress up as her big sister. It means so very much that Jessica is remembered and made a part of World Book Day in this way.


Thomas wearing his Numberblock Four costume and holding his Numberblocks annual next to Sophie dressed as Jessica holding my book 'Jessica has a heart operation'



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


The cast and crew at the post-show curry; a cast photo on stage; my mum with Sophie and Thomas; my mum at Jessica's forever bed; a sleeping Thomas cuddled up to his Sheepie; Thomas on the swing at the park bumping into Sophie; Thomas in a Numberblock Four costume holding his Numberblocks annual - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 9"


  • Day 55 – I am grateful for a post-show curry.


  • Day 56 – I am grateful for a wonderful week sharing the stage with all these lovely talented people. Have loved every minute of doing this show.


  • Day 57 – I am grateful for my mum and my mother-in-law’s help with childcare this week while I’ve been at the theatre each night. Sophie and Thomas loved having Nanny staying over the weekend.


  • Day 58 – I am grateful that my mum was able to spend some time with Jessica before heading home.


  • Day 59 – I am grateful for catching up on sleep after a very busy couple of weeks!


  • Day 60 – I am grateful for time at the park watching Sophie and Thomas having fun together.


  • Day 61 – I am grateful for a simple World Book Day costume for Thomas. One very happy boy.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Getting a new dishwasher as the old one had been leaking intermittently for a few weeks in spite of various attempts to fix it.


  • Lots of lovely audience comments and reviews about The Drowsy Chaperone.


A photo of the cast of the Drowsy Chaperone watching 'Janet' performing in the number 'Show Off'
Photo credit: Neil Mackin


  • Getting beautiful flowers from my husband as a “well done” for my performance in the show.


  • A glowing report for Sophie at parents’ evening – she’s doing well in her subjects and is a friendly, enthusiastic member of the class which is lovely to hear.


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 03/03/2023 – Blue

  1. Sending love and hugs.
    It’s only natural to feel a little blue after a big thing like the show you were in and it sounds like you have had a lot of other things going on too.
    Aww! I love the World Book Day costumes, they both look so pleased and proud of them too. That is so sweet that Sophie dressed up as Jessica. x

    1. Thank you Kim. Post-show blues were definitely to be expected after such a fun week. I loved that Sophie dressed up as Jessica – it was such a lovely thing for her to do x

  2. I hope the blue feelings don’t last too long. It’s quite natural though after such highs which take your mind away from everything, then when it stops reality kicks in. I love your book day costumes for both of your children.

  3. Aw! The anti climax after a week of fun in the theatre. Not easy. I like that you were ready for it and grief revisiting. Hope it is easier now. Well done on your show and how thoughtful of your husband to send flowers. I’m guessing that you are planning the next production already. Grandparents are brilliant. I hope you had time to enjoy your mother’s visit too among all the costumes and makeup. I love both WBD costumes. Number Blocks seems a perfect costume for Thomas and Sophie’s choice is so thoughtful. What a busy week for you all. Thank goodness for a new dishwasher. #wotw

    1. It did help being ready for the post-show blues and grief pushing back up to the surface. This week has been easier. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my mum but it was nice to have some time with her.

  4. So sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit low this week. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Loving the book day outfits!

  5. Love the WBD costumes. How wonderful which book Sophie chose. Glad the performances went well. A bit of a downer afterwards isn’t surprising.

    1. Thank you. It really made my day with Sophie choosing to share Jessica’s book and dress up as her sister.

  6. The costumes are so wonderful. Thomas looked so happy in his, Sophie’s is really lovely as well.
    Also, well done on your show!

  7. How sweet that Sophie wanted to dress up as her big sister and I love the numberblocks costume. I am dreading the post show blues with Isaac and Eliza…….got a couple more weeks to prepare though

    1. Hope all goes well with their show. It is always sad when a show comes to an end. I’m through the other side now and looking forward to rehearsals starting for the next show!

  8. Fab costumes and how sweet of Sophie. Sorry to hear that you have been low afetr the high of last week, hope things are back on an even keel now. #project365

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