Friday Focus 10/03/2023 – Home

I’ve spent most of this week at home as Thomas has had three days off school due to being unwell. He’s had two bouts of sickness over the past week, both quite short-lived fortunately. We had one day back at school after being 48 hours clear from the first one and then the second bout which meant another couple of days’ off school. We’re now 48 hours clear from the second bout so it’s back to school today and hopefully we’ll manage to steer clear of any more bugs for a while!


The word 'home' drawn with a house around the letter 'H'


It’s been a week of mostly trying to juggle everything on my own as my husband has been away for most of the week working. Thankfully he’s now back home again too.


With the weather being colder this week, it’s not been so bad staying home and not venturing out anywhere. We woke up to a bit of snow on Wednesday which Sophie was delighted about. One good thing about the snow is that the prospect of having time to play outside in the snow before going to school is a great incentive to get ready quickly! It didn’t last long and had mostly melted away by lunchtime so I’m glad Sophie did get some time to play in it before it disappeared.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie dressed as Jessica holding the 'Jessica has a heart operation' book; the cast of the Drowsy Chaperone on stage during the number 'Show Off'; Sophie with two of her friends holding a rose each after their ballet exam; Thomas doing some handwriting practice; me and Sophie snuggling on the sofa; Sophie with her "snow Jessica"; a photo of me, my mum, Jessica and Sophie from 5 years ago - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 10"


  • Day 62 – I am grateful that Sophie wanted to be Jessica for World Book Day today and bring in the book I wrote to prepare Jessica for her last heart surgery. Such a special choice and felt quite emotional dropping ‘Jessica’ off at school this morning.


  • Day 63 – I am grateful for a fabulous NODA report for ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ describing it as a “delightfully crazy show” with a “brilliant cast” and sharing glowing reviews of all the performances. Very happy to read the following about my own performance as Mrs Tottendale – that I “delightfully played this ditzy lady with a lovely vagueness, a ready smile and a sweet voice”. Always so lovely to get a good review. Well done everyone.


  • Day 64 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed doing her first ballet exam today.


  • Day 65 – I am grateful that Thomas was feeling better today having been sick yesterday and enjoyed doing a little home schooling with Mummy.


  • Day 66 – I am grateful for snuggles with Sophie.


  • Day 67 – I am grateful for snow and just enough time for Sophie to make a “snow Jessica” before school.


  • Day 68 – I am grateful for my lovely mum. Wishing her a very happy birthday today. This is one of my favourite photos of her with me and my gorgeous girls.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Joining together with people from other local churches for the World Day of Prayer service and enjoying Taiwanese honey castella sponge cake and pineapple cake after the service.


  • Sophie’s joy at getting to snuggle up to Mummy and sleep in my bed when Daddy was away working.


Me and Sophie snuggling in my bed under a patchwork quilt


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/03/2023 – Home

  1. Aww! Poor Thomas. It seems to be that time of year with so many bugs and germs going around. I am glad he’s feeling better now.
    We had snow this morning and it’s all gone now. The bonus is the school was closed so I have my youngest home keeping me company. hehehe
    What lovely photos. That is a fantastic review for the show. I hope your mum had a fab birthday. x

    1. Thanks Kim. He’s much better now. Fingers crossed that’s it for the bugs for a bit!

  2. Oh Poor Thomas. That does sound miserable, even if it was short episodes. I’m sure he loved the extra attention at home. Oh yes, snow is one of those great incentives for getting ready early. It works for 15 year olds too. I’m glad the reviews for your show were good. Happy birthday to your Mum. That is a lovely photo. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl. He did enjoy having extra attention at home. Hoping that we can steer clear of bugs for a bit now.

  3. I hope Thomas is feeling better now, it sounds like a bug doing the rounds but it’s a shame he caught it twice. Well done on your glowing reviews for the musical, you must feel so proud. I’m glad Sophie got time to play in the snow and to dress up as Jessica, what a wonderful idea x

    1. Thank you, it was lovely to get such a good review. Thomas is much better now, hopefully that’s it for bugs for a while now.

  4. Oh no sickness is horrible. Hope that’s it gone now for Thomas. Well done Sophie for doing her ballet exam. I remember back to mine way back when.

  5. I hope Thomas manages to avoid any more bugs, two in such a short space of time is unfair! Congratulations on your sparkling reviews and well done Sophie on her ballet exam.

    1. Thank you, it was such a shame he was unwell twice but thankfully is back to his usual happy self now.

  6. poor Thomas, hope all is now better for you all and tough with hubby away. love the Snow Jessica x Well done to Sophie with her ballet exam

    1. Thank you – he was better but has been sent home from school again today due to being unwell! Hopefully we’ll be clear of the bugs again soon.

  7. Awww poor Thomas, there seems to be lots going around at the moment. Poor Lilah is poorly again. Well done Sophie for doing her ballet exam, I have fond memories of mine – wish I had kept it up

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