Friday Focus 02/08/19 – Another busy week

This past week has been another busy one, starting with two days of celebrating Thomas’s birthday – his birthday itself and then his birthday party the next day. We’ve also been enjoying days out and ticking things off Sophie’s summer activities list. Rehearsals for The Sound of Music are continuing over the summer and it is lovely to watch Sophie learning her songs and dances with the other children. It’s just as well that I love the songs as much as she does given how often she sings them during the day!


The word 'busy' in yellow with black stripes and a busy bee flying next to it


We’ve also been busy planning our big summer adventure – travelling from John O’Groats to Land’s End by bus and train. We did the reverse journey three years ago with Jessica and Sophie and now we are going to “JoGLE for Jessica” with Sophie and Thomas to raise money for Little Hearts Matter. No doubt it will be a very bittersweet and emotional journey but hopefully it will be fun too.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • A picnic in the woods with my friend and her children.


  • Making Thomas’s birthday cake.


The Thomas the Tank Engine cake I made for Thomas complete with Annie and Clarabelle cake carriages


  • Thomas’s birthday card being shown on CBeebies.


Thomas looking at his birthday card being shown on CBeebies


  • Watching the children having fun at Thomas’s birthday party. My great-nephew particularly enjoyed riding the Scuttlebug down one of the slopes in the garden and getting one of the dads to carry it back up so he could ride down it again and again and again!



  • Watching Thomas chatting and smiling at the baby in the mirror.


  • An afternoon in the Halo garden watching Sophie playing with the other children. Thomas liked the pop-up circus tent in the garden.


Thomas sitting in the pop-up circus tent in the Halo garden


  • Going on a zoo trip with other Halo families.


Three giraffes at Port Lympne zoo


  • Taking Sophie to see an outdoor theatre production of The Wind in the Willows.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 02/08/19 – Another busy week

  1. Happy birthday Thomas! I can’t believe he’s already one where does the time go at all? It sounds like Sophie is enjoying being in the production of The Sound of Music, she will certainly know all the songs backward if she keeps practicing so much. Your big summer adventure sounds wonderful and I’m sure Jessica will be with every step of the way. I hope you have a lovely weekend x

  2. What a fabulous cake!! I can remember making a Thomas cake for my son’s 1st birthday (30 years ago!) Good look on your JoGLA adventure. You’re braver than me x

  3. You really have been busy!
    Happy birthday to Thomas. It’s crazy to think he’s a year old already. What a fab cake! I love that his card was show on Cbeebies.
    Good luck with JoGLE for Jessica. Such a fantastic thing to do. x

  4. Wow! You know how to celebrate birthdays in your family! Happy birthday, Thomas. How appropriate that his cake was Thomas the Tank Engine. You are a skilled cake maker. That looks like a professionally done cake! Good luck with JoGLE for Jessica.

  5. Two day birthdays are the best. Happy birthday, Thomas. You are so clever to make the cake. Pleased to see that his card was shown on CBeebies. Love your challenge of going by bus and train, and what a great idea to do raise some money too. Sophie will plenty of people to entertain with her singing practise. #wotw

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