Friday Focus 02/07/21 – Words

Thomas has been amazing us with his grasp of words this week. His latest favourite thing to do is to spell out words that he’s seen around him using his letter blocks or magnetic letters. It’s him memorising sequences of letters rather than being able to read them but I’m still very impressed with it.


The word 'words' spelled out in colourful wooden blocks


We’ve had ‘In the Night Garden’, ‘Teletubbies’, ‘Numberblocks’, ‘Alphablocks’ and ‘Baby Jake’ (so no prizes for guessing some of his favourite CBeebies shows!)  He also loves spelling out ‘Jessica’ and ‘Sophie’, which makes me happy. He’s also learnt how to type these into the search bar on iPlayer to find his favourite programmes on the iPad. I’m quite amazed at what he takes in and remembers, especially considering that he’s not quite three yet.


Sophie has also been learning some new words this week. I thought I’d throw a little French lesson into one of our #30DaysWild activities and teach her some French words for different insects. She quite enjoyed matching up the cards and I learned a couple of new words in the process too!


Sophie looking at flashcards and learning French words for insects



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie outside church in her Girls' Brigade uniform; me and hubby dressed as the King and Queen of Hearts playing cards; my mum with Sophie and Thomas; Thomas spelling out 'Costa' in letters on the sofa, a shot of the TV screen with England scoring a goal against Germany; Sophie holding Thomas; Sophie in the garden wearing her sports day kit - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 26"


  • Day 176 – I am grateful that Sophie was able to see her friends from Girls’ Brigade again at their first meeting back in person since March last year.


  • Day 177 – I am grateful for a night out at a Kings and Queens themed garden party.


  • Day 178 – I am grateful for a lovely weekend of having my mum here to stay.


  • Day 179 – I am grateful for the joy of seeing how this little boy of mine is constantly learning and taking things in – his latest thing is spelling out words that he sees around him. Amazes me the way he remembers things.


  • Day 180 – I am grateful for an England win over Germany!


  • Day 181 – I am grateful for the way Sophie and Thomas make each other laugh.


  • Day 182 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed her sports day.




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • A little note found in Sophie’s book bag from a boy in her class telling her that she is the “smartest girl I’ve ever sene (sic)”


  • Surprising Daddy with a cream pie in the face (Sophie got the idea from watching Saturday Mash-Up). I’m pleased to say that he found it just as funny as we did!


Daddy getting a cream pie in the face from Sophie


  • Sophie getting to hold several moths in her hands to observe them just before they were released on an afternoon out at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


Sophie holding a buff tip moth, a white ermine moth and two dark arches moths


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24 thoughts on “Friday Focus 02/07/21 – Words

  1. Little Thomas is so very clever, it is hard to believe how young he is. I love the moths, my husband hates them. We have a rule, I catch the moths, he catches the spiders. How funny Sophie surprising her Dad with a pie in his face, I’m glad he saw the funny side too. Your night out looks fun too 🙂

    1. I like that your husband catches the spider and you catch the moths – that sounds fair to me. Sophie thought it was the best thing ever getting to give Daddy a cream pie in the face. He’s a good sport!

  2. It’s amazing how much of a sponge little minds and brains are. They take in a lot. And I quite like when they learn at their own pace too, because you can aid it by dropping in your own bits that you want them to absorb.
    Long may it continue.

  3. I have seen a couple of videos of Thomas on your Facebook page and he is such a clever boy, especially for his age! He really is a little brainbox. Well done Sophie too with her French words.
    How lovely Sophie got to go back to Girls Brigade and I love your costumes for the garden party. What fun.

    1. Thank you, I do love watching him learn new things. Sophie is so happy to be back at Girls’ Brigade and it was so nice for us to get a night out 🙂

  4. Love your idea of introducing French words and insects, and I’m glad she got to hold so many moths. Isn’t Thomas clever to remember the letter sequences? He’s obviously enjoying words. How lovely to have the weekend with your mother. Hope you had a lovely weekend with her. Hearing siblings laughing and enjoying each other’s company is the best. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I’m amazed by how much Thomas remembers – it’s lovely to see how much joy he gets out of learning new things too.

  5. I love how kids absorb so much. I don’t speak any foreign languages, but would love my kids to. Love the custard pie and that Daddy was a such a good sport. I bet my kids would love to do that. It’s great that you got to spend time with your Mum as well x

    1. It is lovely seeing the children learn new things and we all enjoyed having my mum come to stay.

  6. His spelling things is so good. He’s obviously interested in words and letters. Love those king and queen outfits, so clever.

    1. Thanks Emma. Letters are his current favourite thing and it’s lovely to see how well he memorises words.

  7. The outfits for the Kings and Queens garden party are amazing, I love them! It’s lovely she likes learning a bit of French.
    England’s win over Germany was fantastic, wasn’t it? 🙂

    1. Thank you, we had fun dressing up for the party. It was great to have an England win over Germany – I hadn’t been very interested in the football until then but that definitely made me smile.

  8. I wonder if it is a youngest child thing to pick up language so quickly as Zach was way beyond the older two with his vocab, reading and writing. Love the outfits for the garden party! #project365

    1. I think younger children often do pick up things more quickly through watching and listening to older siblings.

  9. I am glad Sophie enjoyed her sports day, I was really disappointed that we couldn’t watch ours. Well done Thomas on his spellings, you have a little genius on your hands there

    1. Thank you, it is such a shame that parents haven’t been able to watch sports days. Thomas is really amazing with his grasp of words these days.

  10. Thomas is very clever indeed! Its great he is so interested too that’s the hard bit sometimes isn’t it? Love the King and Queen dress up what a great idea for a garden party I hope you had a wonderful time. Ahhh the little not for Sophie is so cute!

    1. It is lovely that he is so interested in things – hopefully that will make things easier when it comes to starting school.

  11. Thomas is amazing. What a fantastic memory he has and to use it on the iPad too. Little E had the iPad from a young age because of Ethan. I love your Kings and Queens costumes. I don’t think Darren would have taken a cream pie quite so well #WotW

    1. Thank you, he does have quite an amazing memory – I love seeing how much he takes in.

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