#30DaysWild 2021 – Week 4

Our fifth #30DaysWild has now come to an end. We’ve enjoyed joining in again. As with previous years, it’s encouraged us to take a closer look and we’ve learned new things as a result. Sophie particularly enjoyed getting to camp out in the garden and my ability to identify wildflowers and the different birds visiting our garden has improved. Here are some of the things we enjoyed doing for our final week of #30DaysWild 2021:


A nature suncatcher hanging in the window; Sophie exploring the labyrinth at GreenAcres; Sophie holding a buff tip moth, a white ermine moth and two dark arches moths; a bug hotel in the garden - "#30DaysWild 2021 - Week 4"


Day 24

Sophie had fun collecting leaves and flowers in the garden to make a nature suncatcher. This was simple to make. We cut out the middle of a paper plate and two circles of sticky-back plastic slightly larger than the hole in the paper plate. Sophie then stuck one of these to the paper plate, arranged her natural objects and stuck the second circle on top to seal them. We finished off by punching two holes in the top, threading some string through and hanging it up in the window.


Sophie collecting leaves and petals; Sophie sticking leaves and petals to her suncatcher; Sophie holding up her nature suncatcher; the finished suncatcher hanging in the window



Day 25

Whilst my attempts to grow a cut-flower patch in the garden this year have not been very successful, some of the seeds we have planted are now starting to flower. Today we spotted nasturtium flowers, one white cornflower and some sweetpea flowers.


A nasturtium flower; pink sweet pea flowers; a white cornflower



Day 26

One of our regular visits to Jessica’s forever bed; this time with Nanny, who was staying with us for the weekend. We brought Jessica some pretty flowers and Sophie had a wander around the nearby labyrinth and made herself a magic wand from a stick and some leaves from the beech tree that Jessica sleeps beneath.


Sophie exploring the labyrinth at GreenAcres; Sophie riding on Daddy's shoulders; Jessica's forever bed with fresh flowers in her vase; Sophie holding up her nature wand



Day 27

A lovely afternoon at Chiltern Open Air Museum for their Gardens Day. We enjoyed wandering around the various gardens on site. Sophie had fun making a nosegay, tasting peas and potting up a feverfew plant to take home. We also found a four-leaf clover near the playground (although one leaf had been partially nibbled by something).


Sophie holding the nosegay she made; Sophie eating peas from the pod; Sophie holding a four-leaf clover; Sophie potting up some feverfew


Sophie also enjoyed getting a closer look at several beautiful moths who were quite happy sitting on her hand for a while before they were released. The one that looks like a twig is a buff tip moth. In the second photo she is also holding a white ermine moth and I think the other two are dark arches.


Sophie holding a buff tip moth; Sophie holding a buff tip moth, a white ermine moth and two dark arches moths


We also saw a poplar hawk moth, a common emerald moth and a scorched wing moth.


A poplar hawk moth, a common emerald moth and a scorched wing moth



Day 28

Sophie enjoyed making a bug hotel for our garden using a plant pot filled with bamboo canes, bark, sticks and moss.


Sophie making a bug hotel; Sophie with her finished bug hotel; the bug hotel in the garden



Day 29

We combined our #30DaysWild learning with some French learning today and made some minibeast flashcards:


snail – un escargot
dragonfly – une libellule
bee – une abeille
butterfly – un papillon
ladybird – une coccinelle
ant – une fourmi
beetle – un scarabée
worm – un ver


Sophie with her French insect flash cards; flashcards showing a snail (un escargot), a dragonfly (une libellule), a bee (une abeille) and a butterfly (un papillon); flashcards showing a ladybird (une coccinelle), an ant (une fourmi), a beetle (un scarabee) and a worm (un ver)



Day 30

For our final day of #30DaysWild, we headed out to the garden to collect leaves, daisies, buttercups and fallen rose petals and used them to make some flower fairy pictures.


Sophie making a nature picture; my fairy picture made from leaves and petals; Sophie's fairy picture made from leaves and petals



Did you join in with #30DaysWild this year?


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10 thoughts on “#30DaysWild 2021 – Week 4

  1. It has been tough to get flowers to grow this year I have found. It is interesting you have found it tricky too. We have lots flowering now, but some have hardly grown at all and so many of them didn’t even make it – I wonder if it is the weather #MischiefAndMemories

    1. It might be the weather – I’ve noticed most of my existing plants have been late flowering and fruiting this year.

  2. Ahhh just look at her face! She’s so happy. What a wonderful month of outdoor adventures. I absolutely love your nature sun catcher and the flower fairies . Thank you for sharing your wild memories over on #mischiefandmemories xx

  3. So many great activities here Louise! I’m very impressed with Sophie holding those moths, and that you found so many different beautiful species. The Buff Tip is amazing with it’s brilliantly twig-like camouflage! Also love the wand Sophie made on day 26, and that there are beech trees growing around Jessica’s forever bed. They are one of my most favourite type of trees <3

    1. Thanks Malin. I love beech trees too. The buff tip moth was amazing – it really does look like a little twig.

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