Friday Focus 02/06/2023 – Outdoors

We’ve been enjoying getting outdoors and having fun over half-term. It’s been a lovely break and I’ve really enjoyed switching off from things and focusing on being with Sophie and Thomas. It’s been a nice balance of planned activities or days out and time to just be at home and relax. There’s been adventure and time to explore; snuggles on the sofa and little happy ordinary moments; fun, laughter and moments of just being content to be together. It’s been a good half-term holiday and I’m grateful for all the lovely moments we’ve had together this week.


The word 'outdoors' in brown with grass doodled underneath and flowers and butterflies doodled around the letters


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and her friend from Girls' Brigade; Thomas playing with a ball on a grassy area; my in-laws sitting at a table in my garden watching Sophie and Thomas playing in the tuff tray; Sophie and Thomas standing next to a wooden marker post marked 'Caves'; Sophie and Thomas having a cuddle while walking across a field; Thomas at Ruislip Lido lake; Sophie and Thomas wearing princess dresses - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 22"


  • Day 146 – I am grateful that Sophie and her friend both got in to the children’s chorus for Wizard of Oz. Really looking forward to being in the show with them.


  • Day 147 – I am grateful for some green space where Thomas could play while waiting for Sophie to do a dance class.


  • Day 148 – I am grateful for family time sitting outside in the sunshine, enjoying the first barbecue of the year.


  • Day 149 – I am grateful for a lovely walk up West Wycombe Hill and a visit to the Hellfire Caves.


  • Day 150 – I am grateful for a lovely walk hunting for geocaches and following an Adventure Lab trail.


  • Day 151 – I am grateful for some Mummy-Thomas time enjoying a walk around Ruislip Lido while Sophie enjoyed her drop-off day at Iver Environment Centre.


  • Day 152 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas had fun dressing up.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • One of my friends being welcomed into membership at church.


  • Watching the starlings squabbling over the fat balls in the bird feeder.


Four starlings on a fat ball bird feeder


  • Sophie and Thomas rolling down a hill together.


Sophie and Thomas holding hands about to roll down a hill together


  • Sophie’s joy at seeing some of her BYT friends at auditions for The Little Mermaid, the summer youth project at the Beck Theatre.


  • Seeing the roses starting to bloom in the garden.


A red rose in the garden


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 02/06/2023 – Outdoors

  1. I have been outdoors more over the past week too even with the not so great weather and it’s been lovely. It sounds like you have had a wonderful half term.
    We had our first barbeque of the year too over the past week. x

  2. I remember loving half-term breaks when the boys were little. We always made it to town one day, and Drayton Manor on another. They loved being outdoors but being a teacher meant that I had to be indoors a lot with lots of marking, reports, and other paperwork to do. Enjoy the green spaces and the great outdoors. Soon, these will be lovely memories to look back on.

  3. The weather has been lovely! Well done to Sophie and her friend for getting in to the children’s chorus for Wizard of Oz!

    Sounds like a good half term.

  4. The caves must have been very interesting. Your rose looks amazing. I like starlings, as they are so talkative.
    I hope Sophie will love her time at the chorus.

  5. We have roses in the garden too! Lovely photos, I’m glad you managed to get lots of fun time outdoors. Let’s hope we get lots more sunshine.

    1. Thank you. The children loved rolling down a hill. It always makes me think of Jessica because she loved doing that too.

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