Exploring Windsor on the Windsor Duck Tour

The Windsor Duck Tour is a fun way of seeing the town by land and water. The tour takes place on an amphibious yellow duck boat which drives around the town before going down the slipway into the Thames to continue the tour on water.


Sophie sitting on the "duck bus" looking at the swans out of the window - "Exploring Windsor on the Windsor Duck Tour"


Hubby and I went on one of the London Duck Tours in 2007 and loved it. Sadly the London tours are no longer running due to their slipway being purchased by Thames Water. Windsor isn’t too far away though if you’re looking for a duck tour experience. The duck vehicles used on the Windsor tour are purpose built ones whereas the London ones were converted 1940s WW2 amphibious vehicles.


The Duck Tour amphibious vehicle waiting outside the bus stop


We bought our tickets via Groupon as they were half price. The downside of the Groupon voucher is that it can only be used for tours at certain times. There are also a limited number of Groupon places available for each tour. We’d originally hoped to go one weekend in August but had to go for the first Friday of September instead.


The Duck Tour amphibious vehicle in the water


There are two types of tour available. The Road River Duck Tour is equally split between time on the road and time on the river. The River Splash Tour starts on the road but heads straight for the slipway into the water so most of the time is spent seeing Windsor by water. Our time slot was for a River Splash Tour.


Windsor Castle seen from the river


We arrived early at the bus stop outside the front of the Theatre Royal to wait for the “duck bus” as the girls called it. We didn’t have too long to wait before it arrived and we got settled in our seats ready for the tour. As well as the driver, there is also a tour guide on the bus providing a commentary throughout the tour. The commentary was quite fun and was full of interesting facts about the sights seen along the way. I learned quite a few new things as a result of it, such as the fact that Windsor Railway Bridge was designed by Brunel.


The Windsor Railway Bridge designed by Brunel


Sophie looking out of the window on the Duck Tour


The girls enjoyed their ride on the Duck Tour. They loved the moment when the bus splashed down into the water and became a boat! They weren’t so interested in the commentary but enjoyed seeing the swans on the river and the view of Windsor Castle.


Jessica on the Duck Tour


A swan on the River Thames


The road part of the tour wasn’t especially interesting. Other than the Jubilee Fountain, there wasn’t a lot of interest to look at en route to the slipway. To be fair, the focus on the River Splash Tour is on the views by water.  I’d quite like to do the duck tour again and do the Road River tour which includes a circular tour around the outside of Windsor Castle.


Sophie looking out of the window at some hanging baskets on the road part of the Duck Tour


Hubby, Sophie and Jessica on the Duck Tour


We arrived back just as the Changing of the Guard was taking place at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get back up to the castle in time to see it. Another thing to add to the list for next time perhaps!


Windsor Castle


Since doing the tours we’ve spotted the “duck bus” a few times when driving through Windsor. Sophie was particularly fascinated to see it at the petrol station a couple of times. She gets a bit disappointed now if we pass that particular petrol station and the duck bus isn’t there!


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27 thoughts on “Exploring Windsor on the Windsor Duck Tour

  1. Oh my goodness, this is top of my list of things to do next year. I didn’t know that Windsor had a duck tour, I’d heard rumours about the London one ending but I’m glad it’s still possible to do one.

    1. I only discovered it when it came up on my Groupon offers. So sad that the London one had to end but at least there’s still one running nearby 🙂

  2. Oh what a fun tour! Looks like a lovely outing. Until I read your post, I had totally forgotten about these types of tours. My husband and I went on a “Frog Bus Harbour Hopper Tour” in Halifax, Nova Scotia many, many, many years ago. It was a neat experience. Glad y’all enjoyed your day. #countrykids

    1. That sounds like a fun trip. These kind of tours are such a good way of seeing places 🙂

  3. What a great activity for you all to get out and enjoy, I didn’t realise the Duck Tours had stopped in London now I wanted to take the kids out on one soon. The girls look like they had a fantastic time on the tour, even if they weren’t interested in the commentary. I’m sure they’ll want to have a another ride soon, just for the fun of splashing into the water.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  4. Great day out for all the family by the looks of things, didn’t realise the London one was no more, we were hoping to do that one day next year 🙁 #CountryKids

  5. I remember seeing these in London and wanting to do them but I’m surprised to see it’s no longer running – but it’s good they do it in Windsor instead #CountryKids

    1. I think the Windsor ones have been running for a while separately from the London ones. It is a shame that the London ones have ended – I think it was because of Thames Water taking over their slipway so they were forced to stop them.

  6. I love Windsor. I worked up the road in Datchet for years, used to go into Windsor once or twice a week and grab a coffee in the train station. Never tried exploring it like this, but maybe something for when I am next up that way

    1. It is a lovely way to explore Windsor. I used to get the train to work from Datchet 🙂

  7. I love little boat rides, and even after living in London I didn’t even know about this; it looks so cute and fun. I love how the boat is yellow too, haha it sort of reminds me of the little free boat ride in Leeds. #countrykids

    1. It was fun. We will definitely have to go back and visit Windsor Castle properly at some point. Glad your boys enjoyed it so much 🙂

  8. Oh wow what a cool way to explore Windsor with kids and who doesn’t love getting on the water? We did a Duck tour in Liverpool a few years back and really enjoyed it
    Just popping over from Country kids

    Laura x

  9. Oh I didn’t know they did them in Windsor. We have been on the one on the Thames. Monkey loved it squeeling as it went down into the water. May combine this with a visit to the castle!xx

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