A special moment

Today’s BEDAOutmumbered prompt invites us to capture a moment from our day and share it. We had a lovely special moment at the weekend whilst visiting friends with Sophie taking her first few stepsย  using their daughter’s baby walker

I stood her at the walker so I could take a photo of her with the dolly in the buggy – whilst she can pull herself up, doing so on something with wheels is a bit too difficult as yet. Usually when I do this, she stands for a bit and either then pushes it too far away and falls forward or pulls it towards her and then has to sit back down whilst almost running herself over with it. This time though she managed a few steps – proud mummy moment!

Jessica was thoroughly enjoying herself in the playroom too, most of the time sitting there with a tea-set and making cups of tea for everyone whilst singing away to herself. “I Hear Sum-Der” [thunder] is the current favourite which has thankfully replaced the self-composed (by Jessica) ditty “Hands In The Poo” (to the tune of ‘Skip To My Lou’ – composed during a particularly pleasant nappy change when Mummy asked her to keep her hands out of the contents of said nappy) at the top of the toddler charts.

Joining in again with Emma at Outmumbered and with The Oliver’s Madhouse:


14 thoughts on “A special moment

  1. oh my gosh!! how amazing that you even managed to capture that moment! beautiful!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  2. Wow, you’re so lucky to have caught that on camera, what a milestone and proud mummy moment for you! Popping in from Magic Moments.

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