If I won the lottery

If I won the lottery and had lots of cash,
I’d pay off all of my debts in a flash –
A new house: not too big nor too ostentatious –
Just a couple more rooms, just a little more spacious.

If I won the lottery and was a millionaire
And had plenty of money, I’d be able to share.
I’d give some to my mum, to my sisters and brothers
And some also to charity for helping out others.

If I won the lottery and had lots of dough
Then off on a holiday as a family we’d go.
Not necessarily somewhere exotic with tropical weather,
Just somewhere to relax and have fun together.

If I won the lottery – unlikely, though, I admit
Since buying a ticket’s a prerequisite.
Would I really be happier, more content with my lot?
Though sometimes money’s a struggle, look at all that I’ve got.

I don’t need the lottery to feel rich as can be:
Two beautiful children, a loving hubby,
Food on the table, a roof over our heads
In a country where we can sleep safe in our beds

If I won the lottery, yes, I might have more wealth
But money can’t guarantee happiness or good health.
There are so many riches with which I’ve been blessed,
But a little more cash would be nice, I confess!

Β© Louise George – 16th August 2014

If I Won the Lottery - Little Hearts, Big LoveLinking in again with Emma at Outmumbered:

14 thoughts on “If I won the lottery

  1. I think I’m the only person who actually plays, so I should be winning anytime now … if I can pick the right numbers ;D x

  2. Cracking poem!
    I agree with you. I’d like just enough to be comfortable and to help my family and a few charities but we are rich in other ways..the ways that money can’t buy. xXx

  3. love a good poem!! This is fab! Really enjoyed it. I agree, I also have everything I want – but a bit of extra cash wouldn’t go a miss!!!! x x

  4. That is brilliant! You are also absolutely right, we have all we need right here at home πŸ™‚ x

  5. Wow … love the poem! I write poems too but rarely do they rhyme.

    What a lovely picture you paint
    and how you take your readers with you,
    on a journey many of them can relate to,
    through thoughts many of them have had!

    Really, I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for linking it to your #TheList Liebster Award post.

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