Easter holiday fun at Cliveden

As a family, we’re often at our happiest when out and about on an adventure together. Like everyone else, we’ve been very limited with our outdoor adventures but with restrictions easing, it was lovely to be able to book some days out at a couple of our favourite places. Cliveden is our favourite out of our local National Trust properties and we enjoyed a couple of days out there over the Easter holidays.


Sophie and Thomas at the number 5 marker on the Easter trail - "Easter holiday fun at Cliveden"


Sophie was very pleased to see that there was an Easter trail on. We picked up an Easter adventure bag from the Information Desk which contained a trail sheet with a map, a pencil and a chocolate Easter egg – the prize for completing the trail. I liked how everything was all prepared and ready to pick up. There were also some activities on the outside of the bag, including a ‘Springo’ card with things for Sophie to look and listen out for.


Sophie reading the board at the number 1 marker on the Easter trail


The trail was fairly quiet when we started out which was good. There was an activity for each numbered point on the trail on the sheet and another one on the board when we reached that point. Near the second one was a board showing the wingspan of various birds. Sophie stretched her arms out as wide as she could but although she managed to match the wingspan of the pheasant, she couldn’t stretch them wide enough for any of the other birds.


Sophie stretching out her arms against a board showing the wingspans of a black swan, Canada goose, herring gull, cormorant and pheasant


We repeated it a few days later when we came back again with Daddy in tow whose arms were long enough to match the wingspan of a black swan.


Daddy stretching out his arms against a board showing the wingspans of a black swan, Canada goose, herring gull, cormorant and pheasant


One of Sophie’s favourite activities on the trail was to make a face out of natural objects. Such a simple activity but so much fun to do. There were a few faces on the ground nearby and it was interesting to see how other children had used sticks, stones and leaves to make their faces.


Sophie’s face made out of sticks and stones


Sophie and Thomas looking at the board under the number 4 marker on the Easter trail


We’re starting to use the buggy less with Thomas these days, although it is still useful to have on longer walks. It is lovely to see him and Sophie walking along hand-in-hand on days out, just as Sophie and Jessica used to do. As with so many of our favourite spots, there are memories of Jessica around nearly every corner, and particularly so with doing the Easter trail. Jessica enjoyed the two Easter trails she did at Cliveden and those beautiful memories came back so vividly as we made our way around this year’s trail.


Sophie and Thomas walking hand-in-hand down a path at Cliveden


Sophie and Thomas hugging with daffodils in the background


One area where there are no memories of Jessica though is in the woods at Cliveden as we never actually explored this area while she was alive. It’s a shame we didn’t as this would have been another area she would have enjoyed. The woods are particularly pretty at the moment with all the bluebells in bloom.


Bluebells in the woods at Cliveden


Clive’s Play Den and the woodland play trail are both brilliant areas for children to enjoy and each time we’ve been, they’ve been fairly quiet. Sophie loves climbing to the top of the climbing tower. Thomas also loves to climb so was keen to have a go too. I have to admit I was quite anxious watching him climbing to the top even with Daddy standing there. It is very high up for a little one!


Sophie at the top of a climbing tower made of logs


Thomas at the top of a climbing tower made of logs with Daddy standing next to him


Last time we were at Cliveden there were two swings in the woodland play trail. Sophie was disappointed to see that her favourite of the two (which is a standard swing with two ropes and a seat) has been removed. She’s not quite so keen on the other rope swing as it makes her go dizzy.


Sophie on a rope swing in the woodland play trail at Cliveden


Thomas had lots of fun practicing his balancing skills on the log trail with Daddy helping him step from one to another.


Sophie and Thomas (helped by Daddy) balancing on logs on the play trail at Cliveden


We took a different route through the woods back towards the main car park. I love how there are still different paths to explore even though we’ve been here so many times. On the way back, we talked about Jessica and imagined what it would have been like having her with us. Had Jessica been with us too, it would have felt like a perfect day. I’m glad that she is still a part of our days out though in our thoughts and our memories.


Sophie walking across the bridge to the pagoda in the water gardens at Cliveden



Visiting Cliveden – what you need to know:


Cliveden Road


Entrance to Cliveden is currently through pre-booked timed tickets. For more information and to book tickets, click here.



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10 thoughts on “Easter holiday fun at Cliveden

  1. It looks like you all had a fab time. It’s so nice to see a little normality again as the restrictions are slowly lifted.
    The woodland play trail looks fun and you’ve managed to capture so many beautiful photos. I’m so glad that your visit there enabled you all to remember lovely memories of Jessica. Sending you all lots of love. x

  2. What a lovely day out. Such a difference when they do most of the walking themselves, without the stroller. I love all the climbing and balancing equipment made out of wood. Wonderful that you can take Jessica along with you through your shared memories. #mmbc

    1. It is lovely that Thomas is able to walk further now although the buggy is useful for carrying things!

  3. Cliveden looks like such a brilliant place to explore! So many different areas, with lots of natural beauty as well as fun for play etc. Love that you got Daddy to pose for his wingspan to be recorded too! x #CountryKids

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