Dr. Beckmann products for washing machine and dishwasher – Review and Giveaway

My washing machine and dishwasher are essential items in my house – both of them feeling like they are in almost constant use at time. The thought of either of them breaking down is enough to leave me in a cold sweat.  I know that cleaning and limescale removal are both important in helping prolong the life of them both and was recently sent some products from Dr. Beckmann to help do just that.

A review and giveaway of a selection of. Beckmann Service-It products for washing machine and dishwasher and Colour & Dirt Collector sheets

The Service-It washing machine cleaner is designed to give your washing machine a thorough clean, boasting an ability to kill 99.9% of micro-organisms and bacteria.  The first step is to pour some of the liquid on to a cloth to clean the door seal of the machine.  I have to say, I didn’t think mine looked that grubby but I was quite horrified at just how dirty the cloth was afterwards!


Next, I diluted 50ml of the liquid in 4 litres of water and soaked the detergent drawer for 30 minutes to clean it and hopefully remove some of the build-up of detergent.  Whilst it didn’t manage to get rid of all of it, the drawer was much cleaner afterwards.  Finally, the rest of the solution went in the detergent drawer before running the machine on a 60°C wash.  The washing machine certainly looked and smelled cleaner afterwards!

A sparkly washing machine after being deep cleaned with Dr. Beckmann Service-It cleaner

The Service-It Deep Clean for washing machines works in a similar way although without the first two steps.  This is a powder rather than a liquid and is poured directly into the drum before running a 60°C wash to clean the machine.


The Service-It Deep Clean for dishwashers is also a powder, which is poured into the detergent drawer of the dishwasher, with the excess sprinked on the floor of the dishwasher before running a hot cycle.  There is also a wipe included for cleaning around the door seal and the outside of the dishwasher.  The wipe removed the built up grime on the door easily and the dishwasher was sparkling after its deep clean.


Limescale build-up can occur in washing machines and dishwashers and can make them less efficient and result in damage to the pipes and elements.  The Service-It Power Descaler can be used in either the washing machine or the dishwasher to help remove limescale build-up.  There are two sachets of powder in the box.  One sachet of powder is enough to clean a dishwasher or a washing machine with a capacity of less than 4.5kg.  As my washing machine has a larger capacity than this, I used both sachets which were poured directly into the drum before running a 60°C wash.


The final product I received was the Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets which can be used to help prevent colour runs when washing mixed colours.  There are thirty microfibre sheets in the box  and each sheet can be placed in the back of the washing machine before loading to attract stray colour and dirt in the wash.  The colour and dirty then locks on to the sheet, preventing clothes from becoming accidentally dyed pink or grey.  It’s particularly useful for items that are a mixture of colours – clothes with dark stripes, or brightly coloured patterns.  I tried them in a reds/pink wash and with a dark wash and was quite surprised at just how much colour ended up on the sheet.  I was quite glad to see that the colours on the clothes themselves stayed the same – with none of the white bits ending up pink or grey.

Using a Colour & Dirt Collector sheet from Dr. Beckmann to help prevent colours from running in the wash

Overall, I was impressed with all of the different products I used, especially the Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets which I will certainly be using again – especially with clothes that have a mixture of dark and light colours.


I have one set of Dr. Beckmann washing machine and dishwasher products to give away to one of my readers. You can enter the competition by filling in the Gleam form below.  The competition is open to UK entrants and ends on 7th June 2016 at 11.59PM.  Good luck!


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of Dr. Beckmann products for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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83 thoughts on “Dr. Beckmann products for washing machine and dishwasher – Review and Giveaway

  1. I love Dr Beckman products! We use the washing machine cleaner and I find it really good! I haven’t tried the collector sheets yet as I wasn’t sure but will have to pick some up next time as they seemed to work great for you! 🙂

    #Tried Tested

  2. I always use the colour catcher sheets ever since reviewing them. If I run I out I don’t wash anything at all until I get some more #triedtested

  3. Our washing machine gets used a lot. I try and use a de-scaler powder once a month

  4. Watch the weather forecast and make good use of those sunny but windy days for drying your washing outside.

  5. I don’t have many tips apart from try & put it all away in the same day!

  6. Wow that colour collector sheet is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. And my top tip is to put thighs in a mesh bag so they don’t get tangled round everything #TriedTested

  7. I used the washing machine products monthly – usually after washing the dog’s bedding.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  8. dont let it build up or stay in the washing machine for too long

  9. Colour catcher sheets are my top tip. My kids’ red school jumpers are still letting our colour even though they’ve been washed at least weekly since September!

  10. Always check pockets for tissues.There is nothing worse than opening the machine and finding disintegrated tissue all over your laundry

    1. I forgot to check my husband’s pockets when doing a load of darks (mainly work clothes). He had receipts that got all over everything. I was not happy.

  11. I tend do one wash a day so it never gets to much or to big loads as I struggle with drying space. Obviously separate colours and whites and also take note of the temperature on lables, your clothes stay nice a lot longer.

  12. use a laundry bag for anything delicate. the number of times used to end up with ruined tights or lace that got hooked on bras. now i put delicates in a laundry bag and problem solved

  13. hang the washing on the line outside it makes it soft and lovely smelling

  14. Always assume your kids have secreted small plastic toys and glass marbles in their pockets, and that grown-up pockets are stuffed full of tissues.

  15. always empty pockets and wash everyday so you keep on top of it

  16. When hanging clothes to dry, turn darks inside out to keep them from fading. Keep whites right side out so that the sun helps brighten them and fades stains.

  17. I wash washer on a boil wash with a drop of bleach in once a month to keep it clean and smelling nice

  18. To prevent color fading, toss your clothes in the wash with a teaspoon of salt. Always works! 🙂

  19. I try to only use my washer and dishwasher when I have a full load. Hopefully it saves a few pennies

  20. I love colour catcher sheets they are great when you want to get on top of the washing as you can throw it all in together!

  21. Separate colours and check the temperature limit on garments! I have ruined quite a few woolen jumpers by washing them with higher temperature.

  22. Use Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector – they are excellent for small households like mine where its not always easy to get a full load of similar colours and I swear my washing is coming out a little cleaner since I started using them. I love Dr Beckmann products, their range of products for laundry are particularly good :o)

  23. I do washing every day so it doesn’t get too much,I even do it on holiday so I don’t have to bring back loads of dirty washing.

  24. use an old pillow case with a zip on the top to keep together all your socks and smalls in the wash -The sick monster cant undo zips

  25. I clean both of mine out all of the time if you think how much dirty stuff is in them! Baby wipes or kitchen roll and a de greaser are just as effective as these expensive products. I also run it with white vinegar from time to time & use lemon juice to make it smell fresher! I once threw a load of fairy liquid in it and had a soap sud bath all over my kitchen! It was clean though ha ha.

  26. if space allows, have 2 dirty washing baskets, one for darks and other for lights and sort as you put your washing in them, saves time when it comes to wash day.

  27. I put white vinegar in with some of my loads of washing. Towels don’t come out as soapy and it helps clean the machine

  28. Keep your colours seperate ! , I’ve just dyed my lovely white bedding pink as there was a pair of my daughters pink shorts mixed up with washing ! .x

  29. Treat stains as soon as they occur, otherwise they aint shifting!

  30. descale at least once a month and leave the door/draw open when not using so it can dry out

  31. Keep up to date with washing. Little and often! Get into a routine with bedding and towel.

  32. I try to wash darker colours and lighter colours clothing separately and use a mesh bag for tiny items and lingerie.

  33. Iron your clothes as soon as they come off the washing line. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  34. Check the drum after emptying it for that odd black sock lurking in the shadows, otherwise it will get in with the next mot of whites and turn them grey. I wish washing machines had a light inside that came on when you open the door, like fridges do, so you’d be able to see clearly when they are empty.

  35. If you have chewing gum on your clothing stick it in freezer before washing it freezes the chewing gum off

  36. I wash little and often usually twice a day but there are 6 of us it makes it easier with hanging on the line and more importantly not over loading the washing machine x

  37. Run a really hot wash every so often, either empty or with some towels or cloths in it, to kill any bacteria lurking inside that don’t get killed at 30 or 40 degrees

  38. keep up with the washing, don’t leave it to get in a massive heap before you start or it will take forever to get the pile down

  39. i put a scoop of soda crystals in with each wash. it removes dirt, keeps whites white and prevents limescale build up

  40. Keep on top of the washing, nothing worst than leaving it and having loads to do!

  41. I use sheets to whiten a lot…..I always mix up the colours by accident. But now try 2 separate laundry bins one for whites one for colurs for the kids to use.

  42. Try and save it for a dry day, it’s so satisfying to dry your washing outside..

  43. I do a load a day – keeps the washing under control and keeps me sane!

  44. if you live in a hard watre area buy some soda crystals! very cheap and add a scoop to each wash to reduce the amount of washing powder you need to use!

  45. Run a service wash at least once a month and clean out the drawer compartment regularly.

  46. When you have a wash that needs done but not enough of one colour or need to mix items and colours add a colour catcher. Once the wash is done leave the colour catcher in with the load in the dryer. Our clothes always come out softer and brighter when I need to mix washes together!

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