Christmas Bricktacular: 7 things we loved about our festive day out at Legoland

As my regular readers will know, Legoland is one of our favourite places. Last year we went to the Christmas Bricktacular event for the first time. It was such a magical experience that we made sure we booked to go again this year. Here are ten things that we loved about our experience at Legoland Christmas Bricktacular:

Jessica and Sophie with a Lego elf: Christmas Bricktacular - 7 things we loved about our festive day out at Legoland


1) Seeing Father Christmas

Seeing Father Christmas at Legoland was a magical experience. The girls loved being led by an elf through a maze of pretty Christmas trees to Santa’s cabin, where they were greeted and asked what they’d put on their Christmas list. I loved the cosiness of the interior of the cabin and the clever set-up of the maze. From a grown-up height, you can see several cabins around the edges of the maze, but the children can’t see over the trees. As far as they are concerned, there is just one Santa and they are going to see him.

Visiting Father Christmas at Legoland - being greeted by an elf, following another elf through a maze of Christmas trees, waiting excitedly outside Santa's cabin and getting to see Father Christmas himself

Last year we booked our visit for late afternoon. It was more magical in the dark as the cabins around the maze were less visible. However, we were glad we saw Father Christmas earlier in the day this year as there was only a short queue when we arrived for our timed slot. Later in the day, the queue was very long which hadn’t been the case the previous year. It’s a shame that a photo with Father Christmas isn’t included in the ticket price. We were able to take our own too though instead of having to pay another £10 for a photo of the girls with Father Christmas.


The girls got a present each from Father Christmas in a colour-coded printed sack. Jessica had a cuddly toy penguin which she was thrilled with and Sophie had a starter set of Duplo which made her very happy too!



2) The pretty Christmas lights

There are Christmas trees and lots of pretty light displays everywhere. I loved the lights in the harbour which changed to produce different pictures – such as a Christmas tree or the message “Happy Christmas” – and the lights around the castle in the Christmas Kingdom. Once it got dark, the lights made the park look very magical.

Christmas lights at Legoland


3) Mrs Christmas’ Toyshop

The girls enjoyed getting creative with Lego and helping Mrs Christmas to make snowflake decorations for all the good girls and boys, after she fell asleep in her kitchen and overslept.  Jessica managed to make a snowflake with a bit of help from Daddy. Sophie was happily engrossed in making her own creation using the white Lego blocks we were given.

Mrs Christmas in her kitchen and Jessica and Daddy making a Lego snowflake


4) The Elves’ Workshop

The Elves’ Workshop was another chance for the children to get creative with Lego. We helped make some blocks to form a big Lego snowman. The girls then had fun doing some colouring and making their own creations with the trays of Lego bricks which were set out on all the tables. I couldn’t resist getting creative myself and making a little Lego Christmas tree.

Getting creative in the Elves' Workshop - Jessica making a block for the snowman, the big Legoland snowman and my mini Christmas tree


5) Miniland

Last year, I was quite disappointed that Miniland wasn’t open for the Christmas Bricktacular. I was glad to see that had been changed for 2016. Most of Miniland was still closed. However, we did get to see what my friend dubbed a “post-Brexit” Miniland consisting of just England and Scotland. I loved all the little festive touches – the Christmas markets, Lego figures playing in the snow and Father Christmas himself flying his sleigh across Big Ben.

Christmas lights in London, Christmas scenes in Scotland and Father Christmas flying across Big Ben in Miniland


6) The rides

Some areas of the park were closed but there were plenty of rides open. Our favourites at Duplo Valley were closed, but Jessica enjoyed going on the Spinning Spider, Scarab Bouncers (three times in a row), Knight’s Quest (twice) and Thunder Blazer. Both girls loved the L-Drivers, Aero Nomad and Desert Chase. Best of all, the queues were much, much shorter than usual – and non-existent for several of the rides.

Sophie on the Desert Chase carousel and Jessica riding the L-Drivers car


7) The atmosphere

From getting ready to board the Brickmas Express right through to our arrival at the Christmas Kingdom, the atmosphere was magical. We were given golden tickets for our Father Christmas visit by the elf at the entrance to Brickmas Express. The girls also had a passport booklet each with a map, list of open attractions and things to look out for. There were snow-covered Christmas trees everywhere. Jessica and Sophie were amazed when it started to snow in the Christmas Kingdom. I am sure they believed me when I told them that the elves made magic snow fall just in Legoland!

The lighthouse in the harbour, Sophie enjoying the "snow", meeting Ollie the dragon and posing in front of giant baubles

There was a giant Lego Christmas tree, Lego elves, a big Lego model of Father Christmas (which we could have a free photo taken with) and Ollie the dragon also made an appearance.  We had a fabulous festive day out. It was the perfect way to round-up a lovely year of memories at our “favourite Legoland ever.”


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Bricktacular: 7 things we loved about our festive day out at Legoland

  1. Oh this looks like a wonderful day out! We adore Legoland too, hadn’t thought of going there for Christmas. We might have to look into it for next year!

  2. they look like great reasons to visit tome. The Father Christmas visit looks quite magical and the girls faces are a picture. I can only imagine how wonderful the lights must be there, a real festive treat to visit and none of the wasps that annoyed me in the summer!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for supporting #CountryKids this year.

    1. Thank you Fiona – the lack of wasps is definitely a plus point! It was such a magical day out and the girls loved it. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for hosting #countrykids and encouraging me to enjoy the great outdoors once again this year x

    1. Thanks Emma – it was a lot of fun. It’s only open for the Christmas Bricktacular event in the winter but it was nice to get one more day out at Legoland this year 🙂

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