A brief moment of tidiness

It’s such a satisfying feeling when all the housework’s done,
So I stop and enjoy the moment because it doesn’t last for long.
Look, I can see all the floor! The toys are put away,
(It’s like the Hamleys bomb’s gone off when the kids come down and play!)

The windows are all shiny, no fingerprints or smears,
I’ll give it fifteen minutes before they start to reappear!
The laundry mountain’s conquered; the washing’s on the line;
Oh wait, it’s just begun to rain – I thought it would be fine!

The clutter has been banished (don’t look inside the drawers)
I’ve cleaned the bathroom, mopped the floors and finished all the chores.
If only it could stay like this, I think to myself, but then:
The husband and the kids walk in and make a mess again!

The house looking tidy for a split second - sharing an ode on the joys of a brief moment of tidiness

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18 thoughts on “A brief moment of tidiness

  1. It truly is a brief moment in our household Louise. I’m hoping once my little one is at preschool come September for 3 mornings that I can get a bit more done! x

    1. Fingers crossed Gemma – it is frustrating isn’t it when you get everything looking tidy and then suddenly the whirlwind descends again!

  2. It’s so nice isn’t it! On the rare occasion I sort out the fridge I get in trouble for opening the door too much to have a look #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Haha love this! Although in our house it is very rarely clutter free! Need to go to Ikea to get some storage for the dining room so the toys can live there!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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