22 thoughts on “Black & White Photography Project Week 4

  1. Very nice, miniland is my boys favourite part of Legoland sow e always have to have a good look round. It works wel in B&W. Mich x

  2. Love it, I remember visiting a model village when I was smaller but haven’t had chance to to take the kids yet, definitely need too., it looks great and I love the detail of it in black and white. #bwphotoproject

  3. Love this pic..
    It disoriented me at first until I realised what was what lol – not enough coffee. 😉
    I remember going to a model village somewhere down South – might have been Torquay..
    Lots of fun. 😉 x

  4. Wow – would love to see that in person I love things in miniature. Don’t know how anyone builds like this – I can’t even build a Lego house? Xx

    1. The models are amazing – am with you on not being that great at building fairly simple Lego houses let alone wonderful things like this.

  5. I love this photo, there’s something about model villages that takes you back to childhood x

  6. That’s brilliant. I do love how black and white images show contrasts and reflections so much better.

  7. Oh wow I love this in black and white, works so well! Legoland is so much fun, we must get back there again #bwphotoproject

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