After-school adventures at Langley Park

With the evenings drawing in and the weather becoming colder and greyer, staying indoors is often more appealing than heading out for an after-school adventure. On days when there is autumn sunshine though, the call of the outdoors becomes irresistible. We made the most of one of those beautiful autumn afternoons and headed over to Langley Park for a walk.


Sophie climbing a cypress tree - "After-school adventures at Langley Park"


Sophie brought her camera with her so the first part of our walk was quite leisurely as she stopped to take photos of trees, autumn leaves and the cows grazing in the field as we headed towards the arboretum.


Sophie and Thomas walking past a field of cows at Langley Park


We were hoping to find some ‘fairy toadstools’ (fly agaric fungi). Last year we’d found them in the arboretum but we couldn’t find any there this time. Maybe we’ll find some a little later in the autumn.


Sophie and Thomas standing on the steps on the Japanese bridge at Langley Park


The Japanese bridge in the middle of the arboretum is always a fun spot. The children love running back and forth across it.


Sophie and Thomas playing hide n seek in amongst the cypress trees


They also had great fun playing amongst the trees. The cypress trees were particularly good for hide and seek and just the right height for Sophie to climb too. Sophie thought it was even better there than in the playground! It just goes to show that nature often provides the best play areas!


Sophie climbing a cypress tree with Thomas running around on the ground

Sophie sitting on a branch with Thomas looking up at her


One of my favourite things about autumn is collecting sweet chestnuts and roasting them. Sophie enjoyed helping me collect them. The cases are very prickly though so you have to be careful (or wear gloves!) She’s getting quite good though at managing to get the chestnuts out without getting too pricked along the way.


A smiley Sophie with a handful of sweet chestnuts


Nature’s playground might have provided the most fun, but the children’s play area still provides plenty of amusement. Sophie was a little disappointed that the slide and the tunnel have been removed. I’m not sure if there are any plans to replace them with something else. She and Thomas had fun on the swings and the seesaw though. Thomas loves it when Sophie pushes him on the swings and they both have fun together on the seesaw. Of course, Thomas is too little to be able to balance Sophie out (one of the many moments where Jessica is very much-missed!) but Mummy can help, and running up and down the seesaw is fun too.


Sophie and Thomas on the seesaw at Langley Park


It was lovely just to get outside for a couple of hours after school and to make the most of the autumn sunshine. Hopefully we’ll still manage a few after-school adventures here and there over the next few months.


Sophie and Thomas walking hand-in-hand along a gravel path at Langley Park


Visiting Langley Park – what you need to know:


Langley Park Country Park
Billet Lane


Opening times:

Langley Park is open every day from 8.15am. Closing times vary depending on the time of year. Parking charges apply all year round. For more information, click here.


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4 thoughts on “After-school adventures at Langley Park

  1. Aw look at them both making the most of the park and the outdoor space. They have both grown so much since I last saw them, Christmas will take my breath away, I just know it! #CountryKids

  2. It’s so lovely to see them playing together, both looking very happy to explore this place! I envy your chesnut findings, I’ve been keeping an eye out but it seems that first we were too early and then we were too late (others must have had the same idea). We shall have to buy some instead… x #CountryKids

    1. It is lovely to watch them playing together and Langley Park is always a favourite spot for them both 🙂

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