A simple Tour de France inspired bicycle craft for preschoolers

This month’s #BostikBlogger craft theme is cycling/Tour de France as Bostik are one of the sponsors of this year’s Tour de France. We decided to make a simple bicycle picture using paper plates, wooden skewers and a piece of craft foam. This craft requires a little adult help with cutting out the bicycle wheels and assembling the bicycle picture.


 A bicycle picture made from paper plates, wooden skewers and craft foam - "A simple Tour de France inspired bicycle craft for preschoolers"


You will need:

  • Two paper plates
  • Four wooden skewers
  • Black paint
  • Red paint
  • A large sheet of paper (we used lining paper)
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Glue (we used a Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen)
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Polystyrene bowl or Blu Tack



1) Mark the back of each paper plate into six segments using the ruler and pencil.


Two paper plates with six segments marked on the back



2) Cut out each segment, allowing about 1cm each side of the pencil line and keeping the outside rim of the paper plate intact.


Two paper plates with six cut out segments



3) Turn the paper plates over and paint with black paint. Leave to dry.


Sophie painting the paper plates with black paint



4) Paint the wooden skewers with red paint and leave to dry. We pushed ours into a polystyrene bowl to hold them upright while they dried. If you don’t have a polystyrene bowl, you could push the ends into a piece of Blu Tack instead.


Sophie painting the wooden skewers with red paint



5) Cut three of the red wooden skewers to approximately two-thirds of their original length.


6) Arrange the uncut wooden skewer and two of the two-third length skewers to form a triangle shape on the lining paper. Glue into place.


Sophie glueing the wooden skewers into a triangle shape



7) Place the other two-third length skewer vertically at the front end of the triangle and glue into place.


The wooden skewers placed in a triangle shape plus one placed vertically at one end



8) Place one of the one-third lengths of skewer across the top of the vertical piece to make the handlebars of the bike. Glue into place.


9) Glue the two paper plates in place with the centre just below the bottom corners of the wooden skewer triangle.


Sophie glueing the paper plate bicycle wheels



10) Cut out a triangle shape from craft foam to form the saddle. Glue into place at the top of the wooden skewer triangle to finish off your bicycle.


The finished bicycle picture with the paper plate wheels, wooden skewer frame and craft foam saddle



Sophie enjoyed putting together her bicycle picture. Cutting out the saddle shape was good practice for her with scissors skills. Although I cut out the segments on the paper plate and helped her to arrange the skewers to make the bicycle frame, she was able to do most of the rest without very little help from me.


We were sent a box of Bostik craft materials as part of being a Tots100 #BostikBlogger


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