#366daysofgratitude – Week 44

Throughout 2016 I will be posting a photo on Instagram each day, sharing something that I am grateful for each day as part of my #366daysofgratitude project.  Here are the things I have been grateful for this week:

Unexpected Sunday roasts, winning the fancy dress competition at Legoland, snuggles with my baby girl, piles of fallen leaves, geocaches, growing lettuce and first ballet lesson - the things I've been grateful for this week


Day 304 – I am grateful for an unexpected invite to Sunday dinner at my in-laws.

Day 305 – I am grateful for being prewarned about the Halloween costume competition at Legoland today – Sophie won the 0-5 prize.

Day 306 – I am grateful for snuggles on the sofa with my baby girl.

Day 307 – I am grateful for piles of fallen leaves on the way to the shops – makes the walk so much fun!

Day 308 – I am grateful for geocaches helping make a walk more interesting.

Day 309 – I am grateful for the free lettuce seeds we picked up on our visit to Hughenden Manor in the summer – the lettuce was very yummy in our sandwiches at lunchtime today.

Day 310 – I am grateful for seeing how much Sophie loved her very first ballet class.




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