#366daysofgratitude – Week 31

Throughout 2016 I will be posting a photo on Instagram each day, sharing something that I am grateful for each day as part of my #366daysofgratitude project.  Here are the things I have been grateful for this week:

Space for the roses, finding fairies, new glasses, baking cakes, fairytale adventures in the woods, playing with water and hunting for dragons - the things I've been grateful for this week

Day 213 – I am grateful for another sunny afternoon and the opportunity to clear out some more unwanted shrubs in the garden leaving more room for my pretty roses.

Day 214 – I am grateful for outdoor adventures – today we are looking for fairies in the woods.

Day 215 – After Jessica left her glasses on the lawn one day recently leading to a fight between them and the lawnmower in which they came off badly, I am grateful for asking for a glasses prescription for Jessica at one of her recent eye appointments even though it hadn’t changed “just in case!”

Day 216 – I am grateful for time to bake – and licking the beaters afterwards is the best bit!

Day 217 – I am grateful for imagination and adventures in the woods.

Day 218 – I am grateful for the pure joy of water play on a hot afternoon.

Day 219 – I am grateful for an afternoon hunting for dragons at Hughenden Manor.


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