#365daysofgratitude – Week 52

My second year of my daily gratitude challenge is at an end. I have loved looking for something to be grateful for every day. As 2017 comes to an end, I am extra thankful to be ending the year on the other side of Jessica’s Fontan surgery. Hopefully 2018 will be a good year for us all. I’ll be carrying on with my #365daysofgratitude challenge throughout 2018. It’s become such a part of my life now that I can’t imagine stopping it! Once again I’ll be sharing my daily photo on Instagram and posting a summary of the week each Sunday on the blog.


Day 358 – I am grateful for this little gift from Father Christmas from yesterday’s visit to Chessington which has already given my big girl so much joy. This morning during the carol service Jessica wrote and illustrated 20 pages retelling the story of the Gruffalo. Clearly she has inherited my love of writing and storytelling.

Day 359 – I am grateful for a truly magical day with this wonderful little family of mine. Jessica and Sophie have had a wonderful Christmas and loved all their presents. I am so glad that we were able to make their Christmas so magical. May we have many more magical Christmases to come.

Day 360 – I am grateful for a lovely quiet Boxing Day at home watching the girls having fun playing with their toys.

Day 361 – I am grateful for how chilled out Jessica has been about all the pre-op tests ahead of her Fontan procedure tomorrow.


The Gruffalo story that Jessica wrote in her notebook; me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie in front of the Christmas tree at church; Jessica and Sophie playing with their toys at home; Jessica in the playroom on Ocean Ward; one of the consultants checking on Jessica on PICU; Jessica holding her bunny on PICU; all the syringe drivers and monitors surrounding Jessica in PICU, Jessica holding her teddy bear after being extubated - "#365daysofgratitude - Week 52"


Day 362 – I am grateful to be reunited with Jessica on PICU after her Fontan procedure. Hoping that she will have a smoother recovery this time around.

Day 363 – I am grateful for all the wonderful medical staff on PICU. Jessica is still sedated and ventilated for now. She has had a lot of gunk on her chest needing clearing today and so the team have decided to keep her sedated at least until tomorrow. Hopefully she will have a good night tonight.

Day 364 – I am grateful for all the medicines and equipment that are helping to keep Jessica comfortable and stable at the moment. She’s having another day staying sedated on the ventilator to help give her a chance to clear her chest a bit more but is doing well overall.

Day 365 – I am grateful that Jessica is off the ventilator and doing well. So very thankful too to be ending the year the other side of the Fontan with Jessica having come through it well so far.

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