#365daysofgratitude – Week 47

#365daysofgratitude is my challenge for 2017 to share one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. I took part in a similar challenge last year and loved it so am looking forward to continuing with it this year. Here are the things that I’ve been grateful for over the past week:


Day 323 – I am grateful for my church family and the love and prayers that we are being surrounded by right now. It’s looking like we should have a bed for tomorrow unless the ward gets very busy overnight. Feeling a bit anxious now that it’s all becoming very real but reminding myself once again that God’s got this.

Day 324 – I am grateful for a bed on the ward, a cannula that went in on the first attempt and a little girl who’s been amazing me with how chilled out she is in hospital. We are second on the list tomorrow for her op.

Day 325 – I am grateful for having my two little girls together again and fast asleep in their own little beds. We’re back in limbo and waiting for a new date but we’re together at least.


Jessica and Sophie at church; Jessica sitting on her bed in hospital; Jessica and Sophie sleeping in their own beds at home; hubby at Costa; Jessica performing in her school assembly; a flat tyre on my car; Jessica holding a raffle prize - "#365daysofgratitude - Week 47"


Day 326 – I am grateful for a breakfast date with my lovely hubby.

Day 327 – I am grateful for getting to see Jessica performing in her class assembly today.

Day 328 – I am grateful for my lovely hubby, father-in-law and hubby’s colleagues coming to my rescue when I stupidly drove into a kerb at 30mph and trashed my tyre on the way to taking the girls to Girls’ Brigade this evening. They spent ages trying to sort out my wheel whilst I managed to get the girls off to Brigades in hubby’s car. We’ve had to leave it parked up where it was and hubby will be sorting out getting it repaired tomorrow. The car might need a little TLC but at least no-one was hurt.

Day 329 – I am grateful for a winning raffle ticket at the school Christmas fayre.

2 thoughts on “#365daysofgratitude – Week 47

  1. Bless Jessica, she is such a little trooper. I was so sorry to hear it had to be put off again but I am sure that when it does happen, it will be the right time for her. I’m glad you managed to enjoy the rest of the week.

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