#365daysofgratitude – Week 46

#365daysofgratitude is my challenge for 2017 to share one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. I took part in a similar challenge last year and loved it so am looking forward to continuing with it this year. Here are the things that I’ve been grateful for over the past week:


Day 316 – I am grateful that Jessica was able to take part in the Remembrance Sunday parade with her Girls’ Brigade friends.

Day 317 – I am grateful for hand-me-down toys. This playhouse used to belong to my nieces but was given to my girls a few years ago. We haven’t had it out for a while but Jessica asked for it today and hubby set it up while she was at school. So lovely watching her and Sophie enjoying some imaginative play in it.

Day 318 – I am grateful for a trip to the park with my baby girl bringing her “babies” along in their pram.


Jessica in her Girls' Brigade uniform at the Remembrance Sunday parade; Jessica and Sophie playing in front of the Rose Petal Cottage playhouse; Sophie pushing her dollies in their pram; Jessica having her hair cut; Sophie and Jessica decorating their fairy doors; Jessica and Sophie at Girls' Brigade; Jessica and Sophie with penguin skate aids at an ice rink - "#365daysofgratitude - Week 46"


Day 319 – I am grateful for haircuts – good to be able to see my girls’ faces properly again now their fringes have been trimmed!

Day 320 – I am grateful for craft things helping to keep the girls occupied indoors as Jessica was unwell today and off school. They had fun decorating their fairy doors. Hopefully my big girl will manage to shake off her cough and cold before we go in for her “sleepover” next week.

Day 321 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed her first session at Girls’ Brigade this evening. So lovely to see Jessica taking her hand and encouraging her to join in too.

Day 322 – I am grateful for a lovely family afternoon taking the girls ice-skating for the first time. Last time I went ice-skating Michael fell over trying to go down on one knee to present me with my engagement ring.

2 thoughts on “#365daysofgratitude – Week 46

  1. This is a great idea, I’ve been complaining and moaning too much this year..lack of sleep,lack of time to do anything, no money, stressed with the twins etc and this week bam, my friend’s husband has cancer, it’s spread, he’s bleeding internally, he can’t start chemo cos of the bleeding and an infection… suddenly life issues in perspective and I just sobbed. Determined now to be more grateful for life, health and family.

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