#365daysofgratitude – Week 26

#365daysofgratitude is my challenge for 2017 to share one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. I took part in a similar challenge last year and loved it so am looking forward to continuing with it this year. Here are the things that I’ve been grateful for over the past week:


Day 176 – I am grateful that Jessica and Sophie had fun with Grandma and Grandad and enjoyed seeing their cousins while Mummy had to go to a meeting this afternoon. Was lovely to be able to pop in afterwards and see everyone too.

Day 177 – I am grateful for this little lady’s strength and determination.

Day 178 – I am grateful for sticks. Add some pipe cleaners, a few flowers and some ribbon and they are ready for creating magic.


Jessica and Sophie with Grandma and Grandad; Jessica doing the tug of war; Jessica twirling a stick with ribbons; Kerry with a note to the tooth fairy; Jessica and Sophie with the reply from the tooth fairy; Jessica and Sophie watching a children's entertainer; Jessica, Sophie and hubby by a gold postbox - #365daysofgratitude - Week 26


Day 179 – I am grateful for imagination. Jessica’s doll Kerry has had a wobbly tooth which fell out just before bedtime. Jessica wrote a note for the “toofurree” which reads “Tooth fairy go to pick up Kerry wobbly tooth and bring a coin and a giraffe” plus “I hope you come back when I get bigger” on the other side of the note. Love it! Kerry and Jessica are now asleep and I am sure the tooth fairy will be leaving a toy coin – although perhaps not a giraffe!

Day 180 – I am grateful for the excitement that a visit from the Tooth Fairy brought. She left a toy coin for Kerry (dolls only spend toy money) and a picture of a giraffe because real ones are too big for her to carry. Love how magical a little make-believe can be.

Day 181 – I am grateful for a little entertainment at the hospital today. The girls thought it was Mr Tumble!

Day 182 – I am grateful for getting to see my girls perform so well in their show this afternoon. We’ve had a break, found a gold postbox and now we’re back again for the evening show.

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