#30dayswild 2019 – Week 3

#30DaysWild is a challenge from the Wildlife Trust to connect more with nature every day in June, joining in with “random acts of wildness”. This is our third year taking part and I love how it encourages me to get outside with the children more and to take a closer look at the world around us. Every year, I find myself learning something new and this year is no exception.


Some of our wild activities are focused; others are just about getting outdoors and going with the flow. #30DaysWild is all about taking moments here and there to connect with nature. This week has been one of those weeks where we’ve just grabbed little moments to get wild and take a closer look at the world around us.


Here are the things that we enjoyed during our third week of taking part in #30DaysWild this year:


(top - a squirrel looking out of a tree; a ladybird on a leaf; (bottom) - Sophie collecting elderflowers; Sophie doing yoga outdoors - "#30DaysWild 2019 - Week 3"


Day 17 – Sophie was quite indignant about this cheeky squirrel stealing one of the pine cone bird feeders she made!


A squirrel in a tree; a squirrel running along the top of the fence; a squirrel with a pine cone bird feeder in its mouth


Day 18 – Spotting red things on a quick walk to the library.


Sophie looking at a poppy; a ladybird on a leaf; red raspberries


Day 19 – Checking on our lettuce and radish plants and picking some more of the raspberries and wild strawberries.


Sophie holding an umbrella and looking at her salad seedlings; Sophie picking raspberries


Day 20 – Picking elderflowers and lavender in Grandma’s garden and helping to make elderflower cordial. We’re planning to use the lavender in biscuits later on.


Sophie helping Grandma pick elderflowers; Sophie with her bucket of elderflowers; Sophie with a container with lavender stalks; Sophie helping make elderflower cordial


Day 21 – Finding angel feathers in the front garden.


Sophie holding two white feathers


Day 22 – Doing some yoga in the sunshine at this month’s Halo session.


Two photos of Sophie in different yoga poses


Day 23 – Stopping to hug a tree in the park.


Sophie hugging a tree



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