#30dayswild 2019 – Week 2

#30DaysWild is a challenge from the Wildlife Trust to connect more with nature every day in June, joining in with “random acts of wildness”. This is our third year taking part and I love how it encourages me to get outside with the children more and to take a closer look at the world around us. Every year, I find myself learning something new and this year is no exception. Some of our wild activities are focused; others are just about getting outdoors and going with the flow. Here are the things that we enjoyed during our second week of taking part in #30DaysWild this year:


A pink field bindweed flower; Sophie with her finished nature hunt; Sophie with a basket of gooseberries; a sunprint picture of a leaf - "#30DaysWild 2019 - Week 2"


Day 10 – A few moments of dancing in the rain after school.


Sophie holding her umbrella


Day 11 – We’ve been learning a little bit about spiders and how strong their webs are. Sophie had fun making her own spider web and a little pompom spider to go with it. I also put new cotton wool and cress seeds in her egg because I somehow managed to kill the cress that had started to grow there. Hopefully the next lot will survive!


(top) Sophie making a web with string; Sophie putting eyes on her pompom spider; (bottom) the finished spider on the web; cress seeds in an egg shell


Day 12 – We took a closer look at the wildflowers growing along the verges on the way to the shops. Sophie spotted pink field bindweed and purple wood cranesbill flowers. She had fun hiding under her umbrella in the long grass (yes, she is under that umbrella!). After we got home, we picked a few more of the wild strawberries and the first of the raspberries that are now starting to ripen.


(top) Sophie looking at wildflowers; a pink field bindweed flower; (bottom) Sophie hiding under her umbrella in the long grass; a pot with wild strawberries and a couple of raspberries


Day 13 – Making a “petal monster” using pressed flower petals and leaves and googly eyes.


Sophie sticking petals in her nature journal; Sophie's "petal monster"


Day 14 – A nature hunt is a nice simple and quick activity. Friday afternoons are our busy time but we managed a quick hunt in the garden for a small leaf, a big leaf, something pink, something brown and something yellow.


(top) A nature hunt sheet; Sophie looking for items on her nature hunt; (bottom) Sophie with her finished nature hunt sheet; the finished nature hunt sheet


Day 15 – Going fruit picking at a local farm. We picked strawberries and gooseberries. Also took some of the roses from the garden to Jessica.


(top) Sophie picking strawberries; strawberries on the bush; (bottom) Sophie picking gooseberries; Sophie arranging the flowers at Jessica's forever bed


Day 16 – Sun-printing with leaves and flowers; making gooseberry fool with the gooseberries we picked yesterday and picking raspberries and wild strawberries in the garden.


(top) a leaf on photo-sensitive paper; the print of the leaf on the paper; (bottom) gooseberries in a pan; Sophie picking raspberries


6 thoughts on “#30dayswild 2019 – Week 2

  1. You’re putting me to shame Louise, what a varied week of wildness. We’ve got gooseberries ripening in the garden and I’m looking forward to trying a gooseberry fool for the first time. Love those petal monsters too #Countrykids

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