Friday Focus 21/06/19 – A bit of a bumpy week

It’s been a bit of a bumpy week overall. There have been a lot of moments when I’ve been struggling, but they have been mixed with happy moments too. Hubby is away in Germany at the moment so I’m flying solo yet again. Thomas has been unwell with a viral-induced wheeze so hasn’t been his usually happy self and isn’t sleeping well at all as a result of it all. I took him to the doctor during the week and his oxygen saturation levels were a little on the low side which made me a bit twitchy (given that Jessica had a heart condition) but his heart sounds are normal, he was working a bit hard with his breathing, but not too hard so the plan was just to keep an eye and go back if it worsens. Thankfully he seems to be on the mend now.


The word Bumpy in blue with bandages at the top of the B and the Y


As you can imagine with all that going on, sleep is not something I’ve been getting very much of! Even when Thomas does sleep, I’ve had moments when my brain won’t stop going over things and let me go to sleep which is very frustrating. Sleep deprivation, grief and flying solo is quite a horrible combination and I’ve been very low at times. Just got to keep plodding along – one moment at a time.


On the plus side though, singing is helping boost my spirits. Sophie and I have been having fun learning the songs from The Sound of Music and singing them together. She has her audition on Monday so am keeping my fingers very firmly crossed for her that she gets in!


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie’s delight over being given her first LOL dolls from a friend who had duplicates.


  • Going fruit picking as a family and making gooseberry fool with Sophie.


Sophie picking strawberries


  • Doing some sun-printing with leaves and petals.


Sun-printed pictures of leaves and petals


  • Watching a cheeky squirrel steal the pine cone bird feeder that Sophie made.


A squirrel with a pine cone bird feeder in its mouth


  • Catching up with a friend over coffee.


  • Baking cakes for the school fayre with Sophie.


  • Picking elderflowers in Grandma’s garden to make elderflower cordial.


Sophie picking elderflowers with Grandma


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 21/06/19 – A bit of a bumpy week

  1. I’m sorry it’s been a bumpy week. Poor Thomas, I hope he’s feeling much better very soon and that you are able to catch up on some much needed rest. Good luck to Sophie in her audition. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

  2. Oh I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult week and I’m glad that singing is making you and Sophie smile. Good luck to Sophie for her audition. I love your bumpy doodle, just like Mr Bump 🙂

  3. Bumpy weeks are not good, can appreciate the not sleeping well at night with a wheezy child, but glad the heart checked out ok.

    Never liked gooseberries, but sounds like fun was had collecting and making.
    The sun prints look good.
    The singing sounds good therapy, good luck to her with that

  4. I’m sorry to read you had a bumpy week, Louise. Single parenting is never fun. It does seem like you and the children managed to have some fun. Those sun prints are so cool! And picking and eating fruit was always one of my kids’ favorite activities. Anything that involved eating was usually a success! 🙂

  5. Oh gosh! What a worry for you with Thomas being poorly. I can’t imagine your fear when you heard his oxygen saturation levels were a little low, especially after Jessica’s heart issues. I’m glad he’s on the mend now.
    I really hope you manage to get some sleep soon.
    Good luck to Sophie on Monday. It sounds like you are really enjoying the singing. x

  6. I must make elderflower cordial this weekend. You’ve reminded me. I’m glad Thomas is on the mend. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to come up against familiar symptoms again. Thank goodness he is OK. I love strawberry picking. Lucky Sophie. I like your sun prints too. Always a moment, as you lift up the leaves to see if it has worked. Hope you get more sleep this weekend. Not easy to cope with everything when you are sleep deprived. Here’s to a good week. #wotw

  7. I am so sorry you have had a tough week, and poor Thomas its awful when they are poorly and you cant help them. I have everything crossed Sophie gets the part, I adore the Sound of Music and if her voice is anything like her Mummy and Daddy she will be incredible x

  8. I’m sorry to hear you had a tough week, I hope this one is being a little kinder to you. Poor little Thomas, I can imagine how worried you must have been, I hope he’s on the mend now and you’ve managed to catch up on some sleep. I haven’t done leaf printing for years, I think I will add it to our summer holidays list of things to do x

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