#30DaysWild 2018 – Week 4

#30DaysWild is a nature challenge run by the Wildlife Trust. It aims to encourage people to connect with nature through doing wild activities every day throughout June. We joined in with this for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls and I learned so much about nature and enjoyed doing various outdoor activities and nature-inspired crafts.


Over the last month, I’ve been sharing our wild updates each day on Instagram rather than blogging about them daily as I did last year. Our wild activities have been much more low-key this year. Most of them have just been little ordinary moments in the garden. Watering flowers, looking for insects, learning more about the world around us, plus the odd nature-inspired craft activity here and there.


In some ways though, slowing down and taking a closer look is what #30DaysWild is all about. I’ve learned new things through doing it. I’ve learned the names of a few more wildflowers and can identify a few more insects and butterflies. Earlier this week, I found myself teaching my mum about the differences between dandelions and hawksbeards (one of the things I only learned myself last year!) Creepy-crawlies have become something to look at with fascination rather than with a shudder (although I’d still rather get hubby to catch house spiders and take them outside than do it myself!)


#30DaysWild is over for another year, but as always, it’s encouraged me to continue to be inspired by nature and to enjoy time outdoors with Sophie. Here are the things we’ve been doing for our last week of #30DaysWild 2018.


Sophie watering flowers in a garden; Sophie with the scarecrow and other features we have added to Jessica's memorial garden; Sophie wearing a flower crown made of hawskbeard; Sophie sailing a bark boat in a washing up bowl - "#30DaysWild - Week 4"


Day 23 – Watering the flowers at a support group for bereaved children.

Day 24 – Sophie loved choosing a few more additions to our little memorial garden for Jessica.

Day 25 – Weaving flower crowns from all the hawksbeard in the garden.

Day 26 – Making bark boats and sailing them in a washing up bowl.


Sophie sitting in her tepee wearing a flower crown; a spider web above our back door; Sophie holding her rainbow nature hunt sheet; Sophie finding a "fairy door" in a tree


Day 27 – Sitting in a home-made tepee in the garden while wearing another flower crown.

Day 28 – Admiring a pretty spider web above the back door. We also caught a big spider in the lounge so set him free outside.

Day 29 – A rainbow nature hunt in the garden. I thought we might struggle to find one or two colours but Sophie found them all.

Day 30 – Finding a fairy door in a tree on a day out at Paultons Park.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “#30DaysWild 2018 – Week 4

  1. This is the first year I’ve heard of the 30 wild days challenge and I really love the sound of it. You did some fab activities and lovely that you have a memorial garden for Jessica that you can add to and tend. Mich x #CountryKids

  2. I love your bark boats. We made them in activity hour last week after seeing your Instagram post. I’ll miss these updates from you. I hope you keep up your outdoor time with Sophie over the summer, though it will be hard with a new baby too! Thank you for sharing on #CountryKids

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