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Friday 13th – a day that changed our lives forever

Friday 13th May 2011. A day that was hugely significant for us; a hospital appointment that would change our lives forever. Looking back, I recall it as a series of flashback moments. Walking into the hospital holding hubby’s hand, my legs shaking and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.… Read more

Me and You – March

Today’s 40acts challenge is to ‘bless the boss’ and one of the suggested challenges involves writing them a letter to say ‘thank you’. As I work part-time for my husband’s company, my hubby is also my boss and so for this month’s ‘Me and You’ post, I thought I would combine the two and reflect on the things that I am thankful for:

Me and You - March: Thank you hubby - Little Hearts, Big Love

Thank you hubby for the big things:

  • For being my rock and providing me with love, strength and support during all the dark and difficult moments we have gone through since the day we became heart parents.
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Christmas on the cardiac ward

The phone call came towards the end of November – we had a date for Jessica’s open-heart surgery. We had hoped that we might be able to have Christmas together first but it was not to be – the surgery was set for 14th December.

Christmas on the cardiac ward - Little Hearts, Big Love

We couldn’t focus on the thought of Christmas – not with such a huge obstacle in the way of it all.… Read more

A hymn of thankfulness

One of my favourite hymns is ‘Great is thy faithfulness’. It is written on the inside of my diary; the words helped me get through those difficult early days following Jessica’s diagnosis, her heart surgeries and the long days on PICU and the ward as she recovered. It continues to give me strength.… Read more

Finding joy in the tough times

Joy, for me, is more than just being happy – it’s a much deeper emotion and I can honestly say that some of my most joyful moments have been during the most difficult times of my life.

Finding joy in the tough times - Little Hearts, Big Love

My pregnancy with Jessica was an incredibly joyous time. This might sound strange given that we found out about her heart condition at 20 weeks and were told that the chances of her survival were extremely low, but despite all the heartache we experienced during that time, there was also joy.… Read more

Jessica’s handmade heart

This photo was taken two and a half years ago as my daughter Jessica recovered from an open-heart surgery known as the Glenn procedure.

Jessica's handmade heart - Little Hearts, Big Love

As today is World Heart Day, I thought I would share a little more about my daughter Jessica’s particular heart condition, which is called hypoplastic left heart syndrome.… Read more

Three years on

three years on

The photo above was taken three years ago today – a precious moment with Jessica as we prepared for her to go to theatre for the second time since she was born. I remember it like it was yesterday – the anxious waiting, not wanting to leave her cot for a moment, wanting to spend as much time as we could with her and praying that all would be well.… Read more

3rd birthday celebrations

2014-09-06 at 14-33-18

My little miracle Jessica celebrated her third birthday at the weekend. It is amazing to look back and remember how bleak her prognosis was and here we are now, blessed with a beautiful 3 year old who is doing so well. Her birthday is also one of her heart days as she had her first open-heart surgery at just eight hours old.… Read more

Word of the Week – Thankful

My little miracle Jessica turns three tomorrow and so this week’s word of the week is:

WOTW16Looking back over the last three years I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for:

  • All the wonderful medical staff that have cared for Jessica since she was first diagnosed and especially to Dr Wilson and Mr Impey who performed the fetal surgery, and Mr Haw who performed her open-heart surgeries.
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My inspiration

My biggest source of inspiration has to be my beautiful daughter Jessica. As most of my regular blog readers will know, Jessica was born with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which basically means that she has half a working heart.   She has endured several rounds of surgery (including one procedure whilst she was still in the womb and three open-heart surgeries) and many weeks recovering from them in hospital.… Read more