Word of the Week 13/06/14 – Numbers

This week it’s all about:

The word "Numbers" made using various numbers

Jessica loves numbers. Going in lifts and going around the supermarkets provide many happy moments for her because of all the numbers. She can now count up to thirty and will happily spend many a supermarket trip looking up at all the aisle numbers: “Hello number three! Bye-bye number three, see you later!” followed by an expectant look in my direction: “Number four?” I suspect this is something she has inherited from both of us.


Our recent holiday has also been a bit about numbers too:

12 days

5 countries

6 ferry crossings

9 hotels

60 hours of travelling (49 by car, 11 by boat)

2113 miles of driving

Top temp: 40˚C

894 photos to process and edit


Today is Friday 13th – a date which some people get quite twitchy about as it is supposedly unlucky (perhaps I shouldn’t mention to those with triskaidekaphobia that there is also a full moon tonight too!) Hubby and I first started dating on a Friday 13th and apparently my twin and I were also conceived on a Friday 13th (which was perhaps a little too much information from my mother!) so I don’t tend to see it as being an unlucky date.


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4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 13/06/14 – Numbers

  1. What a great word and what a trip that sounds!
    Friday the 13 sounds quite lucky for you x

  2. Great word and fascinating numbers there. That probably was an over-share by your mum 😉 My birthday was on Fri 13th, so I do not fear it! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you – yes I agree that it was too much information from my mum too! 🙂 lovely to join in with your linky again and hope you had a good birthday

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