Word of the Week 02/05/14 – Coffee

I’m joining in with the Word of the Week linky and my first word is:The word "coffee"

Coffee is what gets me through the day. It transforms me from shrieking harpy to sane, reasonable mummy and is my substitute for sleep. I’d prefer more sleep to be honest. However, with a baby waking a couple of times a night to feed and a toddler who likes to spend part of the night cuddled up in mummy and daddy’s bed, a good night’s sleep can often prove to be quite elusive.


This week, I’m feeling even more sleep-deprived than usual. Rehearsals and catching up with friends have meant too many late nights. These combined with my babies’ nocturnal habits have left me existing on about five hours of broken sleep per night. Most mornings find me bleary-eyed. I’m quite thankful for the Tassimo machine and caramel lattes with an extra shot of espresso!


Once the caffeine kicks in, I’m back to my usual self, happy to sit on the floor and play, or head out to whichever activity is planned for the day and ready to take on whatever that particular day is going to throw at me. By lunchtime, another cup is definitely needed though. This week, a third has been required to get me through bedtime battles and the evening’s activities. Fingers crossed for some more quieter evenings soon and a much needed early night so the coffee won’t be quite so necessary!


A cup of coffee in front of a Tassimo machine

4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 02/05/14 – Coffee

  1. It’s the broken sleep that’s the worst, too, isn’t it?! When we’ve had a bad night, my husband’s straight to his coffee machine to perk him up, but I hate coffee so have to just get on with it Hope you have a quieter week next week with more sleep! Thanks for joining in with #WotW and sharing with us x

  2. Awww hope you will have real sleep soon. I have notice me being more dependent to caffeine too lately. Been drinking more green tea than usual. We could all use some sleep but we cant #wotw

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