#withkindnessandlove 16 – stories of kindness and sharing some blog love

#withkindnessandlove is a weekly series all about sharing some little moments of kindness and a blog post I have loved this week. Some weeks I might also share a quote that has inspired me, or some suggestions for small acts of kindness that I have come across. Here are this week’s little moments of kindness and a blog post I loved.


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Little moments of kindness

“An older boy at school made an effort to engage our autistic son by writing him a letter… my son responded.” (Ann – Rainbows are too Beautiful)  I love Ann’s post sharing the story of how a letter from a friend of a friend encouraged her son to write about a subject that he was enthusiastic about.



On Friday, my four year old fell off a balance beam at the park. She hit her head just above the eye, there was blood everywhere and her glasses were smashed. As soon as they saw what had happened, three parents of other children who were in the park came over to help me. They managed to find kitchen roll to mop up the blood and a first aid kit to patch her up. They then helped me to get her clean and bandaged up and even offered to look after my youngest while I took her to the hospital. Afterwards, they all checked to see how she was and offered lots of support as I was feeling like a bit of a rubbish mum for letting it happen. I don’t know any of them very well and I don’t know what I would have done without them. (Natalie – Plutonium Sox)


Sharing some blog love

A blog post that I loved

There are lots of “blogging rules” out there and lots of posts that tell you that you need to do X, Y and Z in order to be successful. I loved Lucy at Home’s post sharing the 9 blogging rules she’s decided to break and why. The internet is a big place, and there’s plenty of room for all types of bloggers. This post is a perfect reminder to do what works for you and enjoy it!



If you have any stories about being on the receiving end of an act of kindness that you’d like me to include in a future blog post, please feel free to email them to me at louise @ littleheartsbiglove.co.uk or fill in the form here.



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  1. Ah what a lovely idea for a series! I feel thoroughly uplifted having read about the wonderful kindness that Natalie and Ann experienced. And thank you so much for featuring my little post!

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