Creating an egg box flower garden – a simple craft for preschoolers

Spring is well and truly here – even if the weather doesn’t always seem to agree! Our recent crafting activities have been inspired by the flowers that are starting to appear everywhere. The contents of this month’s #BostikBlogger craft box were perfect for helping us create a beautiful egg box flower garden. This is a fairly simple craft for preschoolers to do. Sophie needed a little assistance here and there but was mostly able to create her garden by herself.


A flower garden created in an egg box - "Creating an egg box flower garden - a simple craft for preschoolers"


You will need:

  • An egg box
  • Green craft sticks
  • Silk (or paper) flower shapes
  • Buttons
  • Green patterned washi tape
  • Glue (we used a Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen)
  • Blu Tack
  • Green tissue paper


1) Stick a flower shape on one end of a craft stick using glue.


Sophie putting glue on a craft stick ready to add a flower shape


2) Glue a button to the centre of the flower.


3) Wrap washi tape around the other end of the craft stick to make leaves.  Leave the flower to dry.


A craft stick flower with a button in the middle of the flower


4) Repeat to make more flowers.


A selection of craft stick flowers left out to dry


5) Once the flowers have dried, use the Blu Tack to stick them to the base of the egg box.


Sophie putting the flowers in the egg box using blu tack


6) When all the flowers have been arranged in the egg box, tear up pieces of green tissue paper. Use the torn-up pieces of tissue paper to cover the base of the egg box.


Sophie tearing up green tissue paper for her egg box flower garden


7) Use glue to add more flower shapes to the tissue paper to finish the garden.


Sophie holding her egg box flower garden and grinning


As you can see, Sophie was very proud of her flower garden! It’s the perfect size for some small world play with the fairy Playmobil figures too!


We were sent a box of craft materials from Bostik as part of being a Tots100 #BostikBlogger


11 thoughts on “Creating an egg box flower garden – a simple craft for preschoolers

  1. My daughter came back with this from her nursery school one day and I think it is one of the sweetest crafts out! Thanks so much for linking this up to #coolmumclub my love and hope you’re all keeping well xox

  2. Oh how gorgeous – Tigs would LOVE this we will give it a go at half term!

    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  3. This is such a lovely make. I also am eyeing up your storage (Kallax?) which looks perfect for containing all those craft materials too. #coolmumclub

    1. Thanks Helena. It’s an Expedit unit so similar to Kallax. Perfect for craft materials – most of ours are stored in it!

  4. Aww this is gorgeous and my very favourite thing about it is the photo of Sophie at the end – she looks so proud of herself and rightly so!

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