What I’m thankful for this week

I always enjoy reflecting on the past week in my regular Friday Focus feature. This week, I’m taking a different approach and reflecting on the things that I’m thankful for instead:


  • Having very limited internet connection whilst on holiday. It’s meant I’ve taken a very big step away from the blog this week and completely focused on time with my family instead – and I’m so glad I did.


  • Sleep! All that fresh air whilst out and about has meant that we’ve all fallen asleep early and slept soundly. I’m also thankful for the huge bed in our cottage which is easily big enough for all four of us to sleep in together – Sophie has had croup this week and I’m sure she would have been very unsettled had she not been snuggled in with us all night this week. We’ve all been very comfortable and I’ve loved having a family bed this week.


  • Finding the final gold postbox in the Isle of Man and finishing off our gold postbox challenge. We also managed to find a gold phonebox too and I managed to get on air with my request to play “Gold” by Spandau Ballet on Simon Mayo’s drivetime show on Friday.

Silent Sunday 26/07/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Dry weather and a little sunshine which meant that we got to enjoy a morning on the beach – it was chilly but we had a fun time.

Having fun on the beach - What I'm thankful for this week 26/07/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love


  • Good enough visibility from the top of Snaefell to be able to see ‘the seven Kingdoms’ from the top (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Mann, the kingdom of the Sea and the kingdom of Heaven).

The view from the top of Snaefell - What I'm thankful for this week 26/07/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • The toddler carrier – most of the places we’ve been visiting this week haven’t been particularly buggy-friendly and would have been a struggle without the carrier.

The toddler carrier - What I'm thankful for this week 26/07/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love


  • Just enjoying quality time together as a family and making memories.


What things have you been thankful for this week?

4 thoughts on “What I’m thankful for this week

    1. Thanks Hannah – we really enjoyed our trip away and was lovely to have a proper break from blogging too 🙂

  1. Oh it sounds like such a good week off sweetie. I think we’ve all reached that time of the year when we all need a break. We’re off to France next week and I can’t wait for my 3 weeks in the South of France: heat, sun (hopefully), no Internet and time with family (my mum and my nan are coming with us).

    Well done for finding the perfect postbox. That family bed really sounds perfect! Great photo from the top of Snaefell. I love the fact you’re mentioning the sling as one of the things you’re grateful for: quite often, its the simple things that make our life easier!

    1. Thanks Mel – definitely the simple things that make life easier and the toddler carrier was an essential item last week! Hope you have a wonderful time in the South of France and enjoy your summer break x

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