Venturing out to Chiltern Open Air Museum

Now that restrictions are being relaxed and some of our favourite places have opened again, we are starting to venture out a little more. Chiltern Open Air Museum is somewhere we always enjoy exploring and was the perfect place for our first trip out together. Sophie, Thomas and I enjoyed an afternoon out during the week and then Daddy joined us on another trip a few days later – our first family day out since our Torquay beach trip over five months ago.


Sophie outside the Garston Forge at Chiltern Open Air Museum - "Venturing out to Chiltern Open Air Museum"


We booked our tickets online and selected our entrance time. Once inside though, we could stay as long as we wanted.


Sophie and Thomas sitting on a bench at Chiltern Open Air Museum


The museum buildings are closed at the moment but there is plenty of outdoor space to explore and farm animals to see. I thought Sophie would be disappointed not to be able to visit her favourite spot in the museum – the children’s bedroom in the Amersham pre-fab where she always loves playing with the old-fashioned toys – but she was okay with it.


Sophie and Thomas outside the Leagrove Cottages at Chiltern Open Air Museum


Although you can’t go inside the buildings at the moment, most of them had the doors open with a gate across so you could still see inside. There was a one-way system in place around the Amersham prefab to go through the ‘Dig for Victory’ allotment and plenty of hand santiser points around the museum. The area around the Amersham prefab, allotment and Nissen huts was the busiest area of the museum when we visited, although there was plenty of room to allow for social distancing.


A WW1 soldier outside the WW1 Bow Hut and Nissen Hut


Sophie loved the family of scarecrows in the allotment and looking at the different types of vegetables growing there.


A family of scarecrows on the 'Dig for Victory' allotment at Chiltern Open Air Museum


The café is currently closed but you can buy drinks and snacks at the kiosk on the village green. There are plenty of benches and space around the village green for picnics.


Daddy and Sophie sitting on a bench having a picnic while Thomas naps in his buggy


We stopped at the Harpenden Well Head to drop a coin into the well and hear the voices of the well spirits.


Daddy and Sophie dropping a coin in the Harpenden Well Head


We usually walk down to the toll house via the playground. Although the playground is currently open, I wasn’t sure how busy it would be. Sophie is old enough to understand that we might not be able to go to the playground if it is too busy. Thomas gets quite upset though if he sees a playground and can’t play there. Thankfully, unlike Sophie, he hasn’t yet memorised the layout of the museum, so we were able to bypass the playground and head to the farm instead. He was quite happy there and loved seeing the goats.


Sophie and Thomas stroking the goats in the farm at Chiltern Open Air Museum


The woods are my favourite area in the museum; it’s so quiet and peaceful there. The woodland walk isn’t buggy-friendly but we enjoyed a walk on the outskirts of the woods around the Arborfield Barn and the Iron Age House.


Daddy. Sophie and Thomas outside the Iron Age House at Chiltern Open Air Museum


It was lovely to watch Sophie and Thomas walking hand-in-hand together. Sophie is so protective over him, encouraging him on and helping him over the uneven ground. Watching them reminded me of watching my girls together. Sophie would often encourage Jessica on when Jessica got tired. She loved our days out at Chiltern Open Air Museum. There are so many memories of her everywhere we go. I can just imagine what it would have been like with the three of them here; Thomas with a big sister each side of him, the three of them walking hand-in-hand together.


Sophie and Thomas walking hand-in-hand through the woods


Days out like this are always bittersweet, but it was good to be able to venture out again and visit one of our favourite places. I am sure we will be return several times over the summer holidays!



Visiting Chiltern Open Air Museum – what you need to know:


Chiltern Open Air Museum
Newland Park
Gorelands Lane
Chalfont St Giles


Opening times:

The museum is currently open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am. Entry at the current time is by pre-booked timed ticket with last entry at 3pm. Tickets cost £5 for grounds admission.


Opening times and ticket prices are correct at the time of posting. For the latest opening times, ticket prices and to find more information or book tickets, please visit the museum website here.


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8 thoughts on “Venturing out to Chiltern Open Air Museum

  1. It’s so strange when I make statements like yours that it was the first time I did something since months ago. Who would have ever imagined! I saw one of my nieces yesterday for the first time since February…and we only live about 3 miles apart and used to see each other regularly.

    The Open Air Museum sounds like a wonderful place to venture out to. I need to find something similar in my neck of the woods to take my grandkids to visit when they come again in a few weeks.

    1. It is strange isn’t it? I never thought for a moment that our day at the beach in February would have been our last family day out for some time.

  2. An open air museum is a great idea for a day out under the current circumstances. This one looks lovely – but rather far from us. Thanks for the idea though – I will check to see if there are any near us. #AdventureCalling

    1. There are quite a few around the country – we’ve been to several different ones and they’ve all been great for days out 🙂

  3. What a fascinating place to visit. I love the Iron Age round house! I bet it would be exciting to sleep over 🙂 And such lovely photos too.

    Thank you for sharing with #AdventureCalling

  4. I can see why you love it there so much. it’s nice having lots of outdoor things to do and I know my kids would love the animals. Sophie and Thomas have such a lovely relationship, it’s great you can explore familiar places with them. This isn’t too far from me, good to know when we’re next out that way. thank you so much for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

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