The Friday Focus 27/02/15

With hubby away, Sophie and I both full of cold and therefore more grumpy than usual, Jessica hitting the “why?” stage this week, the battery on my car going kaput, Sophie teething, and no coffee for me due to giving it up for Lent, this week has certainly been a rather challenging one.

The Friday Focus 27/02/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The teething and cold combination is not a good one. It’s meant that Sophie doesn’t really want to eat very much at the moment and because she’s miserable, she wants to comfort feed and have mummy milk instead. Which I’m usually fine with except the combination of teething and cold has meant that her latch has been fairly poor despite my best attempts to correct it resulting in feeding becoming increasingly painful. By mid-week it had reached the point where I wanted to cry every time she pulled at my top. She will take a little milk via bottle (which gives me some break), but it’s not enough to satisfy her particularly with regards to settling her at night.   I’ve had similar problems (although not quite so bad) each time she’s been teething before and it usually improves within a few days.  I think the last couple of days have seen a slight improvement though and so I’m clinging on to the hope that by next week things will be much better.


We’ve had a couple of incidences with the car battery on my car going flat much more easily than it should which left us stuck when we were out shopping last week – thankfully hubby’s dad drove over to us and managed to jump start the car so we could get home. The car won’t start at all now so definitely needs a new battery – although one plus point of hubby being away is that I can use his car instead while mine is getting sorted out (having only just come back from being repaired after our recent car accident).


On a positive note though, we’re ending the week with a few days at my mum’s so hopefully having some time there will do me good. Looking back, it really hasn’t been a bad week on the whole – it’s just that the struggles due to teething have dominated my view of it all.

Out and About:

We’ve been out quite a bit this week – trips to the park, going out for a Chinese meal to celebrate Grandma’s birthday, having a lovely walk at Langley Park, going to the Lent lunch at church this week and then having a wander around the shops afterwards. Getting out and about a bit more this week has definitely helped ease the grumpiness from all of us!

The Friday Focus 27/02/15 - Little Hearts, Big LoveThe Friday Focus 27/02/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Fun at home:
I bought some alphabet letter magnets for Jessica this week and she’s been having a lot of fun putting them on a baking tray. She can’t put them together to form words yet but she recognises most of the letters and loves moving them around on the tray.

The Friday Focus 27/02/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Time for me:
Not a lot of me time this week due to being on my own but I’ve managed to get some blogging done in the evenings plus I had to finish putting the church magazine together ready for printing so that’s kept me busy too.

On the blog:

The final two guest posts for Heart Month went live this week – thank you to Sounding Like My Mother and Heart Mammi for sharing their stories.
I’ve also registered for BlogCamp in Birmingham in April and am looking forward to this.

My happiest moment:
Chatting to hubby via FaceTime with the girls.

Next week I would like to:

One of this week’s 40acts challenges is to be on time.  I managed it for the day of the challenge but am going to try and see if I can be on time for a week now.  I’d also like to be able to feed Sophie without wanting to cry!


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40 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 27/02/15

  1. Teething is horrid isn’t it? We’d go through the cold/ teething cycle constantly with Z and each tooth would pop out one after the other so it felt a bit never ending. Hope you have a teething-less week next week x

  2. I too have had a little Baby full of cold and teething. I can’t imagine giving up coffee and surviving the day.
    I am extremely excited though because I’m going to blog camp too 🙂
    See you there x

  3. Oh hon I feel your pain, really I do! Just as we got Freddy back on track after a nasty respiratory infection his molars started cutting through. It really has been one thing after another since before Xmas my end 🙁 which is why I couldn’t sacrifice coffee altogether. You’re amazing for being so positive in the face of adversity. Big hugs! Hope today is better xxx

    1. Oh those molars aren’t much fun are they? Sophie has the first set through – it’s the canines that are causing the trouble this time. Today has definitely been a little better so hopefully we are now past the worst of this particular bout. Thanks for the virtual hugs!

  4. Sounds like a very testing week. Teething is just awful isn’t it.
    I hope you enjoy your time at your mom’s and that next week brings some positivity your way 🙂 x

  5. Oh gosh, I hope things improve for you on the teething/feeding front soon. Many thanks for mentioning me here again too – it was a pleasure joining in. Have a good weekend xx

  6. That does sound really challenging. My daughter pretty much sailed through teething, whereas Little Man suffers a bit more and was definitely more clingy and off his food. I’d stopped feeding them myself at around 9 months each time, so didn’t have to go through that pain, so I really hope it eases for you soon as I can well imagine it. Hope you have a lovely weekend x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you – fortunately it has been much better over the weekend so fingers crossed we are past the worst now.

  7. Oh dear, I remember when little T was teething, she would always get high temperatures and I found that really scary! As always, I love your photos of the girls, they always look so adorable! 🙂 #wotw.

  8. Sounds as though you’ve had a week full of challenges. Here’s hoping that the weekend is kinder and you’re all feeling better x

  9. Oh no! Sorry to hear you lot haven’t been too well….Teething is horrible and with a cold on top it must be even worse! I hope you manage to get some rest x

  10. Tell me about teething… tough, isn’t it? Not only are they in pain, poor little poppets, but they also tend not to sleep, which makes them grumpy, makes you sleep deprived and at the end of the day, everyone is in tears!

    Enjoy the week-end at your mum’s. x

    1. Thanks Mel, has been lovely to have some time to relax and Sophie seems happier too 🙂

  11. Oh no! Teething is blooming awful at the best of times but when you’re on your own, and your little one is still having mummy milk it’s so much harder. I really do hope things are better this week and that you’ve enjoyed this weekend at your mums. Vx

  12. I suffered terribly with breastfeeding second time round so I know the pain well. I hope the teeth poke out soon so she can relearn her latch.
    If you haven’t had your battery done yet then take a look in halfords, we had ours changed recently and they had a deal on with fitting it and wasnt too expensive. xx

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