The Friday Focus 13/11/15

This week has seen a lot of activity in the bedroom as we’ve been building new wardrobes and rearranging furniture in order to turn our bedroom into a family bedroom. Jessica has been co-sleeping with us for quite a few months now but we were keen to try and encourage her to sleep in her own bed again. She tended to get quite upset at any suggestion that she sleep in her own room but as she tends not to snuggle up to us at night, I suspected that she just didn’t want to sleep in a different room from us, rather than needing to sleep in the same bed. Since moving her bed into our room, she has been quite happy going off to sleep in her own bed and whilst there have been a couple of nights that she’s climbed in with us partway through the night, she’s mostly sleeping in her bed again. I have to admit I quite like having a family bedroom – waking up in the middle of the night and being able to see both the girls fast asleep and settled in their own beds is lovely. We’ll move them both into their own bedroom one day but for now this sleeping arrangement is working well.

This week's word of the week is "bedroom" - The Friday Focus 13/11/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Creating a family bedroom - The Friday Focus 13/11/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Things I have loved this week:

  • Being reassured that Jessica’s heart function is stable and that the team is happy to continue to monitor with no plans for the next surgery to take place imminently. It was sad to say goodbye to her fabulous cardiac consultant who has been there since the start of our journey as a heart family though – we are so thankful for everything that he has done for Jessica and to be taking the next steps with someone new is quite scary.

Jessica with her fabulous cardiac consultant - The Friday Focus 13/11/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Watching fireworks displays from the back garden.

Fireworks from the back garden - The Friday Focus 13/11/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Jessica managing to stay completely silent during the two minute silence at the Remembrance Sunday service at church – I had explained beforehand that she needed to stay quiet when everyone else went quiet and I was so proud of her for managing to do it.
  • Passing the 1000 followers milestone on Instagram.
  • Getting a very good report at Jessica’s preschool parents evening – she is doing everything that she should be doing at her age and is happy and sociable – what more could I ask for?
  • Watching Sophie complete a 12-piece jigsaw all by herself – clever girl!


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16 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 13/11/15

  1. You’ve had lots of positive things happen this week. I’m glad having the girls sleep in your bedroom is working out. I think it’s a lovely idea if it helps them to settle down. #wotw

  2. The family bedroom sounds a lovely idea, glad that it’s working for you well. So pleased to hear that Jessica’s heart function is stable, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. What a lovely idea having a family bedroom is. I’m so glad it is working out for yous. Great news Jessica’s heart is functioning so well!! Oh bless her fantastic that she is doing so well at preschool, well done Jessica sweetheart. Xx #WotW

  4. It sounds like the bedroom arrangements work well for you….If everyone is sleeping it makes a happy home!
    Glad to hear Jessica’s hear is doing well….It is scary! We feel the same about our doctor retiring…

  5. It’s great that Jessica is happy to sleep in her own bed now it’s in your room. I quite like it when one of ours comes in for a snuggle 🙂

  6. So glad Jessica had a positive check up, it must be such a relief. I love sleeping with Baby although we only do it on holiday, but it is so nice. Have a lovely week huni x

  7. What a great week you had. I am so happy that Jessica’s heart function is stable, what a relief for you! I think your bedroom idea is great, we all do our best for our families and you are doing what is best for you and yours! #happydays

  8. Aw so glad the sleeping is better and settled. It is quite nice all waking up together. I like that when we share a room. Well done on the Instagram followers!! I still have a bit to go yet…booo! I bet you were so proud of Jessica and pleased for her with as she is stable and kept so quiet! My girly tried but kept talking when we tried!! Have a lovely weekend xx #happydays

  9. So glad Jessica’s heart is stable and she had had a good report, and well done Sophie puzzles and problem solving are a huge milestone. I could never co sleep with Joe he snores to loudly ha ha but glad it works for you x

  10. Glad Jessica’s heart is doing well, great news. So inspiring to see you all making it work in a family room. I’ve been worrying about sleeping arrangements with a new baby coming in our small home, but this is really inspirational! Plus, as you say, it’s so cute to see them snuggled up and sleeping next to you! x

  11. Happy and sociable- that is all we ever want as parents isn’t it? Glad she is doing well with regards her heart too, such a relief I am sure Glad the new layout is working- hopefully a bit of a better night sleep for you! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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