The Friday Focus 12/06/15

I’ve lost my sparkle this week. It’s not been a bad week overall – there’s been plenty of happy moments in it – but one or two smaller negative moments have left more of an impression than perhaps they really should have done. It’s tiredness that has sapped the colour from the week and left me feeling grumpy and flat. Tiredness that has made me realise that I need to stop for a while and make time to rest, to just sit and cuddle my girls and ignore the to-do list, to remind myself of what is really important. I’ve started to say no to things and step away from situations that were doing little more than sapping my time and energy. Yes, there are many things that need doing but they can wait a little longer. I need to stop and recharge my batteries and then I will have the energy to focus on them.

 The Friday Focus 12/06/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Out and About

We had a lovely weekend staying with my mum and visiting the family. It was my brother’s birthday so we had a barbecue at his house, where Jessica and Sophie got to spend time with some of their cousins, and we also enjoyed spending an afternoon with Auntie Fizz.

The Friday Focus 12/06/15 - Little Hearts, Big LoveThe Friday Focus 12/06/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

We visited H and E, Jessica’s two best friends from preschool, for a playdate and had a lovely time.

We also spent an afternoon at Grandma’s house and Jessica and Sophie had a wonderful time exploring the garden. They found some birds eggs that the baby birds had hatched out of, helped Grandma pick the first of the gooseberries, spotted a couple of ladybirds on one of the apple trees and discovered just why Mummy says to stay away from the stinging nettles! They were also quite fascinated to see Grandad sitting on the roof of the garage as he was busy putting tiles on.

The Friday Focus 12/06/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love


Fun at home

We’ve not had a lot of time at home this week having been out and about making the most of the weather starting to warm up but we did do a couple more sea-themed crafts at the beginning of the week.

{Paper-bowl turtles: Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica had an afternoon of feeling a bit unwell with a bit of a temperature and just wanted to sit on my lap and snuggle so the girls and I had a lazy afternoon watching Tweenies DVDs. It was the first time in ages that Jessica has fallen asleep in my arms and while I was sorry that she wasn’t feeling well, I have to admit I enjoyed the snuggles.

Time for me

I managed to get as far as drawing out the pattern for a summer hat for the girls, cutting out the fabric and getting a little bit of advice with the best way to go about making it up whilst at church craft club this week. It wasn’t time on my own – but the girls were occupied long enough for me to at least get that far on a craft project for myself.

The Friday Focus 12/06/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

On the blog

I was chuffed to see that my Sideshow guest post was no.5 in the top 5 Slideshow Acts chart over at Welcome to my Circus.

My “Parenting Pep Talk” guest post series started yesterday with the lovely Kim from Northumberland Mam sharing her thoughts for the first post.

The Father’s Day 2015 linky remains open throughout June so if you have any Father’s Day posts you’d like to link up, I’d love to read them!


My happiest moment

Seeing the look of pure joy on Jessica’s and Sophie’s faces as they spotted Daddy coming through the arrivals gate at the airport on Monday. Jessica’s delighted cry of “Daddy! Daddy! It’s my daddy!” as she ran to give him the biggest hug ever was heart-melting. If Sophie hadn’t been in the carrier, I know she would have done the same – as it was there was a lot of excited wriggling and shouts of “Daddy! Daddy!”


Next week I would like to

Ignore the to-do list a little more and enjoy the little moments instead.


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20 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 12/06/15

  1. Well done you for recognising that need to stop my lovely, really hope a bit of a breather will be just thing to recharge the batteries.

    So sweet that the girls got that excited about hubby coming home. My kids are beside themselves when my hubby gets back from worj, goodness knows what they’d be like if he had to be away for work!!

    Will I be meeting you at long last next week??? #wotw

  2. Ah sometimes you do just need to stop and reflect but it’s so hard when there is lots to do! Great week and I’m glad to have come home to warm weather! Hope Jessica ok and the image of her running to your hubby when he got home is a lovely one! Will pop over to Kim’s post now! Xxx #wotw

  3. Ah, it’ so easy to get caught up in the day to day. It’s really good to stop and take a moment, especially when there seems to be so much to do. Lovely photo’s and still a good week with plenty to smile about so here’s to that 🙂

  4. *hugs* Hope that after a bit of a break and some recharging you feel ready to take on the world again

  5. You are so right to stop for a bit, recharge and enjoy some moments. It is all too easy to plough on, when you’d actually be better off stopping for a while. Sounds like you’ve had a good time this week too. Hope you feel a bit more recovered next week. x

  6. Smart move, I think, stopping for a while. It’s hard to do, but I’ve had a few of those moments this week where I’ve just needed to ignore the to-do list and go and cuddle or chat with my two, and do you know what? Now I’m thinking about it, those have been some of my favourite moments of the week. Hope you enjoy your recharge time xx Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. Good for you. You know when you need to say “No”. I hope you can create a pause for yourself. Love the fabric you are using for the sunhat. It is going to look very cute. #WotW

  8. Good for you for knowing when to stop….We need to sometimes!
    I love your the sea crafts. I hope Jessica is feeling better now!
    Thank you for the mention xxx

  9. Sometimes it’s just better to stop and catch your breath. Less important things can always take a back seat for a little bit. Enjoy your little breather hon as it really sounds like you need it!xx

  10. Sounds like it has been a mixed week, though it’s great that you have realised you need some you time! I hope you get some time for you this weekend and that next week is a week full of colour.
    It’s so nice to see how excited they get when daddy comes back from work isn’t it =) I bet he was so pleased. I love those sea themed paper plates they are fab – might have to have a go at some with Boo this weekend =)

  11. We certainly do all need to stop from time to time to catchup on everything going on around us.
    Hope this coming week, you get some rest and time to recharge. X

  12. I am very very tired this week as well. With so many event in my son’s school that I need go go back and forth to it so many times in a day! Sometimes we really need to rest and I hope you can get some this weekend. #wotw

  13. Ah I hope you are ok I know what you mean this week I am so tired but at least my two are older so a bit easier, its not easy having two little ones you cant shut down at all can you. Sending you hugs, have a good rest lovely lady x

  14. Some wise words there, I need to follow your lead and forget about the to-do list for a while. I love your sea themed craft, Oliver would love that. I know what you mean about the extra snuggles, when Oliver is all snuggly it melts my heart.
    I have a couple of posts lined up about fathers day so I will be sure to link them up.
    Have a lovely week
    Becky xx

  15. It looks like a good week overall! What darling kids you have and what a good mama you seem to be! 🙂

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