19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 29/05/16

  1. A great shot with the girls interacting with the Lego statues. We’re heading there tomorrow – I’ll keep an eye out for that spot in Heartlake City (or whatever it’s called).

  2. I thought your girls were in some sort of computer game when I saw the thumbnail! It’s even better in full. I love how they are interacting with the Lego. Fab photo. #MySundayPhoto

  3. What a cute photo of your girls sharing ice cream with the lego friends. I think the models there make great photo props, we have a collection of photos ourselves.

  4. Hi Louise, that is so funny! I hope Jessica enjoyed the taste of the ice cream, although I imagine it tasted rather synthetic!

    A lovely photo and how good are those Lego statues?


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