19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 28/01/18

  1. Hi Louise, it must be wonderful to be out and about again as a family. Your girls look like welcome blobs of colour on a dreary day… Now if only your husband would wear pink too.


  2. Wonderful to see you all able to get out. I’m with Debbie though, your OH needs to wear something more colourful. Maybe he could accessorise with a very colourful scarf? #mysundayphoto

    1. She’s doing really well, thank you Jodie. Managed her first post-op walk to preschool and back to pick up Sophie today 🙂

  3. lovely family pic, although it does look like the little ones dad is having to hold her in the pushchair for the pic, she looks like she can’t wait to run around #mysundayphoto

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