My Sunday Photo 24/07/16

When our girls were babies, we bought a namesake rose bush for them – a Pretty Jessica rose bush for Jessica and a Sophy’s Rose for Sophie.  Sadly, it seems we’ve accidentally dug up the Sophy’s Rose as it’s completely disappeared from the garden, but the Pretty Jessica is doing well and I love the beautiful blooms that have been appearing throughout the summer.

A beautiful pink Pretty Jessica rose in bloom - My Sunday Photo 24/07/16




23 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 24/07/16

  1. What a beautiful idea! I wish we had done something similar, although I fear with our (lack of) gardening skills they would have long since been swamped by weeds.

  2. What a fantastic idea. We’ve been talking about getting a Rose bush for the garden will have to see if there’s one for Little Miss OMG.

    What a lovely flower, brilliant picture.

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