30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 07/01/18

  1. Post-surgery recovery going well I hope? How awesome arts and crafts are allowed in the hospital bed. Must be very boring being in hospital for such a length of time.

    1. Thanks John, yes she is recovering well. The play workers are brilliant, we’ve done lots of fun things at the bed side 🙂

  2. Hi Louise, what a brave little girl! I bet it’s a huge relief seeing Jessica looking so bright after such a huge op. I hope she is home where she belongs very soon.


  3. wow, rainbow hands 🙂 The hospitals are really good at getting the kids up and doing stuff, I remember my girl baking cookies just a couple of days after her operation. It does help towards their healing. I hope Jessica is still doing well xx

    1. Thanks Anne, she is doing amazingly well. The play workers are brilliant, they’ve been great at helping keep her occupied 🙂

  4. She is just so sweet. Hope recovery is going well, and that plenty of master pieces are made! Love that they offer art in hospital, it’s very therapeutic! 🙂

  5. We’ve been watching Jessica’s progress through your updates. Hope she is on the mend x wish her all the best in her recovery. You guys are doing a great job x all the best x Popping over from #MySundayPhoto

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