My Sunday Photo 04/09/16

As the summer holidays drew to a close, we managed to enjoy another couple of days at Legoland using our preschool passes.  Since the Lego Friends show first appeared at Legoland, no day out has been complete without going to see it and stopping for a photo with the Lego Friends girls afterwards.  To see the girls’ delight when the “Best Friends Forever fairies” recognise them is just wonderful.

Jessica and Sophie posing with Emma, Mia and Andrea from the Lego Friends

This week’s photo is our last photo– one last time to pose for a photo and a cuddle.  To the lovely Lego Friends ladies – thank you so much.  You have been a big part of what has made Legoland a magical experience for my girls and we were quite sad to say goodbye to you this week.  It truly made my girls’ day to know that you remembered them from previous visits and always seemed so happy to see them again.  We’ve made a lot of fabulous memories from our days out at Legoland and it is those kind of moments that really stand out.



15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 04/09/16

  1. How lovely that they recognised the girls! We seem to have gone the entire summer holiday without going to Legoland this year, although I expect we will squeeze in at least one more visit before they close up for the winter.

  2. Hi Louise, how lovely that they remembered your girls, that will make for extra special memories. Love the photo, your girls look as cute as ever.


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