Siblings – June 2017

This month has been all about getting outside and having fun. The girls and I have been joining in with #30DaysWild which is all about getting outside to do something wild and connect with nature throughout June. Our wild activities have been a little restricted as Jessica has been unwell with a cold for the last week or so. It’s really taken it out of her energy-wise and so our wild activities have either been limited to the garden, or focused on bringing nature indoors.


Jessica and Sophie holding hands in the garden - "Siblings - June 2017"


It’s been lovely to see the girls taking a closer look at what’s around them or working together on an activity. I find that there is much less bickering between them when we are outdoors. Most of the time they play beautifully together. I do notice more of a tendency to squabble when we are cooped up indoors for too long though! I have to admit I always feel better for time outdoors too!



Jessica (5 years 9 months)

  • Has had a cold and has been struggling with energy levels. School have been brilliant at looking after Jessica and accommodating her needs. We have had a few half-days as Jessica has been too tired to cope with afternoons at school.
  • Has been enjoying collecting Lego cards and swapping them with her friends.
  • Has been enjoying reading the “Bear” bilingual books. She likes to read the English page and have Mummy or Daddy read the French page.
  • Took part in her last Reception class assembly (sob!)
  • Had a lovely day out on a school trip to the Look Out Discovery Centre.


Jessica and Sophie holding hands in the garden


Sophie (3 years 7 months)

  • Had a lovely report on her first preschool parents evening. We were a little sad that her keyworker left just before half-term (especially as she had been Jessica’s keyworker too). Sophie is just as happy with her new keyworker though which is good!
  • Enjoyed a day out at Legoland for her preschool trip and was very happy to finally be tall enough to “drive” the Duplo Train.
  • Has been enjoying practising her dance for next month’s ballet show. She also loves to dance to the music for Jessica’s routines.
  • Has been coming out in sympathy with Jessica while her sister has been unwell. If Jessica is sleeping on the sofa, Sophie likes to lie on the other one and tell us “I don’t feel well” in a very pathetic little voice even though she is absolutely fine!
  • Likes to come into our bed in the middle of the night and lie across our feet like a cat!


Jessica and Sophie holding hands in the garden


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