Siblings – July

My little duo have been enjoying lots of days out over the last month and it is lovely to watch them wandering along together, hand in hand. They are adorable together – Jessica leading the way and Sophie often happy to be led, until something catches her eye and then she is off in a different direction. Now that she is quite quick on her feet, this can make days out somewhat challenging when I’m on my own with the two of them!

Siblings (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

This month sees the end of Jessica’s first year at preschool and I have been so proud seeing how my big girl has flourished since her first day back in January. The best part has been seeing her making friends – her two best friends H and E started around the same time and they are such a lovely little trio together. I feel slightly sad knowing that this will all change after the summer, with H starting at infant school in September as Jessica and E go back to preschool for another year – the little trio will never quite be together in the same way again. Sophie loves spending time with her big sister’s friends too and idolises E – sometimes looking out for E first when we go to pick Jessica up from preschool!

Siblings (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love


Jessica (3 years 10 months)

  • Had an eye appointment and the team are happy that her vision is progressing and her squint still flicks from one eye to the other – she may need surgery on this at some stage, but the plan is to continue to monitor at present.
  • Has loved spending time with her two best friends H and E and it is lovely to see the three of them walking along together holding hands.
  • Had her first ever sports day and despite crossing the line a long way behind her friends, beamed at me proudly and said “Look Mummy! I’m the winner!” Yes, you are my darling.
  • The end of last month saw the four year anniversary of Jessica’s very first op whilst she was still in the womb – a miracle that we will forever be thankful for. It is wonderful to see how far she has come from the bleak diagnosis we had before that surgery.
  • Loves to sing and make up songs – one rendition on “The Wheels on the Bus” at dinnertime recently included the verses “The Mummies on the bus are being a pickle”, “The Daddies on the bus go work, work, work”, “The Sophies on the bus are eating their dinner” and “The Jessicas on the bus are singing this song”.

Siblings (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (1 year 8 months)

  • One of her favourite new words is “delicious” – or “a-lish-oo” as she says it and it is adorable to see her eating or drinking and stopping between mouthfuls to say “mmm, a-lish-oo!”
  • Is currently going through a very, very loving phase – and will run over to me quite often throughout the day to give me the biggest bear hug and kiss and say “I love you too Mummy!” Her first words in the morning are “I love you Mummy” closely followed by “I love you too Jess-sha” – can this phase last forever please?
  • Was very excited to see Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka at In the Night Garden Live and enjoyed dancing along to some of the character’s songs.
  • Seems to think that bedtime is a better time for doing laps of the cot, cot gymnastic, giving Mummy the most gorgeous cheeky grins and singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to herself than for going to sleep. Thankfully she tends to sleep reasonably well once she does give in to it!
  • Is starting to mimic some of Mummy’s sayings which makes me laugh – especially when she says “because I said so!” in response to Jessica saying “why?”

Siblings (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

I’m looking forward to the summer ahead and being able to enjoy spending time with both my beautiful girls – we have a family holiday to look forward to and no doubt there will be plenty of days spent out and about exploring our local area too.

Siblings (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

This month’s photos come from one of our many days out at Legoland – we have been making the most of being able to use Jessica’s preschool pass while it was still term-time although we will now have to wait until September to be able to use it again.

Siblings (July) - Little Hearts, Big Love

dear beautiful
Little Hearts, Big Love

24 thoughts on “Siblings – July

  1. Your girls are so beautiful, Louise. I can imagine how funny and cute Sophie sounds when she says “because, I said so”. :)I’m sure, you guys will have a fantastic summer. xx

    1. Thank you so much Melody – Sophie saying “because I said so” was very cute. Hope you have a fantastic summer too x

  2. Oh the girls are just too adorable! I love the photos you took in Legoland. Sophie looks so grown up! Enjoy the cuddling phase. we’re going through a screaming phase here with Jumpy, he he! “The Mummies on the bus are being a pickle”, “The Daddies on the bus go work, work, work” should be new words for the song. Where does the pickle thing come from?

    1. Thanks Mel – am hoping the cuddling phase lasts for ages. Jessica went through a screaming phase a while back but thankfully it has eased off. I call Jessica (and Sophie too) a pickle when she is being mischievous – that’s where it comes from x

  3. July is always a sad time of year when it comes to changes at schools. Last year Harrison lost a few friends that went up to Infant School and this year, it’s his turn.

    Only, his “best friend in the whole wide world” is in a different catchment area so she won’t be moving up with him. It’s funny how these things are so different each year. Last year 16 children moved up to the same school but this year there are only 6.

    Nice to see the girls had a dry and sunny day at Legoland. Hope they had a great day.


    1. It is a bit sad when these things change isn’t it – more so for me I think at the moment as Jessica hasn’t grasped that things will change for her and her friends with some of them moving up to infant school.

  4. So sweet! I love ‘a-lish-oo’! My toddler also puts verses about herself & her sister into the wheels on the bus! So cute that Sophie already does ‘I love you’. #ftmob

  5. a-lish-oo is my new favourite word – super cute! I love the little exchanges I can hear going on between my two over the baby monitor after they have been put to bed. After terrorising Stella during the day, Jet is quite often to be found comforting her if she cries, and doing his very best to make her giggle. It is lovely to hear them when they don’t know you’re listening 🙂
    x Alice

    1. Oh I love overhearing moments between siblings – they are often so heartmelting. How lovely to hear Jet comforting Stella and trying to make her giggle 🙂

  6. Just love Jessica’s extra verses to Wheels on the Bus! And, because I said so is so cute 🙂 Lovely photos of your gorgeous girls Louise, have a fabulous summer! #siblings

    1. Thanks Sara – ‘because I said so’ makes me chuckle! Hope you and your family have a wonderful summer too x

  7. Oh what an adorable set of photos! I thought it must be Legoland and it looks like you had a wonderful day for it. It sounds like things are all going well in your world which is wonderful!

    1. Thank you Carie, we had a lovely day out at Legoland and made the most of the nice weather 🙂

  8. I’m sure I say this every time but I do love their matching outfits. It looks like another fun day at legoland for the girls. I’m sure you will have lots of fun over the summer. Love all the singing and I really hope we go through a loving stage too x

    1. Thanks Jane – I love seeing them in matching outfits too – making the most of it before they’re old enough to start objecting! 🙂

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