Siblings – January 2017

The girls have such a lovely bond together and when they are loving towards each other it is beautiful to watch. The last few weeks have seen a lot more bickering though – there are days when it seems they are annoying each other from the moment they wake up which can be frustrating. It’s a normal part of a sibling relationship though and thankfully the beautiful moments do make up for it. I have no doubt that they love each other to bits even when they are winding each other up. It’s a challenge to resist the temptation to step in and referee sometimes but on the whole they work it out themselves if I don’t. I remember being the same with my twin as we were growing up and we have a very close bond still. It’s all part of the joys of having a sibling! On the plus side, they are learning to negotiate and solve problems even if it does make for stressful moments now and then!

Jessica and Sophie out in the park holding a geocache

Jessica (5 years 4 months)

  • Made me very proud with her performance as an angel in her school nativity.
  • Was awarded her bronze reading award at the end of last term for reading 25 books.
  • Is ​enjoying being back at her usual activities after the Christmas break.
  • Was very excited about Sophie starting preschool and had lots of fun telling her little sister what happens at preschool and then asking about her day afterwards.
  • Loved having a cuddle with her newest cousin when visiting family over the Christmas break.
  • Has been enjoying getting to ride her new scooter to school.

Sophie in her preschool jumper standing next to Jessica in her school uniform

 Sophie (3 years 2 months)

  • Started preschool ​and is enjoying it so far.
  • Is really coming along with her drawing – so lovely to see how it changes as she gets bigger. We now have definite people and she especially loves drawing rainbows (with the colours in the right order too!)
  • Has picked up some of the songs at her BilinguaSing class and it is lovely to hear her singing away to herself in French every now and then.
  • Is struggling not to itch thanks to her eczema flaring up again with the cold weather – am hoping she won’t suffer too badly with it over the winter.
  • Loves riding her new scooter to the park.
  • Was very excited about the faint dusting of snow on the lawn and loved picking it up and seeing on her mittens. Mummy was quite disappointed there wasn’t enough to build even the smallest of snowmen.

Sophie sitting on the floor with Jessica lying across her legs

16 thoughts on “Siblings – January 2017

  1. Louise,

    Isn’t it strange that sometimes we get most annoyed with the people that we love most? Eczema can be very itchy — my cousin finds it difficult to sleep when her eczema flares up.

    1. I think it’s because it’s safe to get annoyed with them – we know they’ll still love us. It’s horrible when Sophie’s eczema flares up – I sometimes have to bandage her hands overnight to prevent her scratching it. Sorry to hear your cousin suffers with it as well.

  2. Ahh! The bickering! I know that well. My girls bicker all the time but they do have some lovely moments….
    Your girls are just adorable…..They are growing up so fast x

    1. It’s all part and parcel of being a sibling though, isn’t it? Your girls always look like they have such a lovely bond 🙂

  3. I have recently learnt all about the bickering….all the bickering! In fact I have talked about this in our update this month too and I am glad it isn’t only us – maybe christmas come down!? It is actually quite new to me and I am fortunate to have gotten to 2 years without much of it!

    1. I wonder if the Christmas comedown is part of why it seems to have increased recently. All part of sibling life though! 🙂

  4. Oh the bickering! It is definitely all part of the sibling relationship, I know from my own experience we used to bicker constantly. I am starting to see more with my girls, as Holly gets older! Gorgeous photos of your girls x

    1. I’m sure you’ll have moments too – even with that lovely close bond between your girls. All part of the joys of having a sibling! x

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. I’m finding that too with the bickering – they eventually sort themselves out and it’s good negotiation skills!

    1. Thank you Catie – it seems to have eased off a little in the last week or so which is good! I know they’ll always have those moments though – all part and parcel of having a sibling! x

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